Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to You...

Tonight we had a chocolate cake for dessert. We decided that we needed to sing "Happy Birthday" and voted to sing it to was his idea. While we were getting gathered around the table, we talked about how Aunt Carlynne and Grandpa Prince just barely had birthdays this week. Thomas excitedly asked if they got "animohs" like he did! :)

So we sang "Happy Birthday" but as we finished Thomas has quite the perplexed candles!!! He about lost it!!! So we quickly grabbed some candles, lit them and sang again! Much to Thomas' delight! :)

Happy Birthday Carlynne and Grandpa Prince!!! Happy Birthday to Grandma Prince too!!! (Her b-day was the beginning of June!)

Happy UN-Birthday to the rest of us!!! :)

This week, I thought I'd highlight Andrew! I think he's been enjoying the fact that he's the oldest at home right now! :)

Andrew loves to tease his sisters~typical brother, right!!! Some of his other loves right now are games...he loves to play on his Nintendo DS and loves his computer games too. Especially, "Rise of Nations!" He waited so patiently, well sortof patiently, for his replacement game to come in the mail. It finally arrived in the mail on Saturday! He was sooo excited!!! :)

He also loves to play outside! He has a continuous battle raging in the backyard under our big oak tree with his little green & tan army men. Last night he was teaching Aimee and Mattie how to hit golf balls. Once they were tired of that, he and Edd played baseball! Andrew was quite the heavy hitter!!! Good thing we have a BIG BACKYARD! Otherwise, we would've been hopping the fence after each hit to retreive the ball!

Andrew is very sweet and a very giving person. When he got a new DS, Andrew gave his old one to Aimee. When it is convienient though, Andrew reminds Aimee that he still has ownership of the DS and he could reposes it at any moment!

Ever since he was a little toddler, he has always been a very giving person. If Bethany would ask for anything like a bite of candy, lick from his icecream, he would let her...without a second thought and no questions asked! :)

Andrew is easy going too! :) Poor guy has had to wear hand-me-down sandles to church for the past month now. We are still trying to find the shoe basket, hmmm which box could it be in??? I finally found the couch cover this week!!! YEAH!!! It was in the bottom of a box labeled "Master Bedroom." So there's no telling where the shoes are!!!

I guess any boy sandwhiched between sisters would have to be easy going! :)

On our way to church today, Andrew commented that even though the sandles are comfy, it's annoying to try and get his socks situated right! Hopefully we'll be able to find his socks this week...there aren't that many boxes left! :)

Periodically, Andrew can be found reading! He finally has decided that it's fun to read!!!! :) There was a time when I seriously wondered if he'd ever like a book. His latest JRR (just right reading) book surprised me! He has been reading Bethany's HUGE "Chronicles of Narnia" book!!! He also likes the "Beast Quest" series and those choose your own adventure books. I introduced him to those a few years ago when I was trying to get him excited about reading.

Andrew is growing up quite a bit! One day before we moved, after Edd had gone to LA, I came back home from dropping Aimee off and Andrew was mowing front lawn for fun!!! He even mowed the back lawn the next afternoon, just for fun! WOW!!!

Andrew is quite the helper these days, which is really nice! What is awesome is that Andrew usually takes Thomas up to bed with him and they snuggle together! It's especially cute when Thomas reminds them that they need to brush their teeth first!!! (Brushing teeth is one of Thomas' hobbies right now!)

Andrew and Thomas are so cute together!!! :) Maybe it's because they have the same haircut, maybe it's because Thomas is a mini Andrew!?!

At any rate, I'm so thankful for my cute boys! :)


DRP said...

Way to go Andrew!

Leah Prince said...

Andrew, you look nice in your Sunday clothes. Its OK you have sandals. Its Louisiana after all.