Thursday, June 25, 2009

First the Worst, 2nd is the Best

This morning, Aimee came in to see who won the game last night. Unfortunately, LSU won championship. When hearing this news, optimistic Aimee, immediately said, "First is the worst and 2nd is the best!" = LSU is the worst and TEXAS is the best.

Then Aimee went on to list the reasons why the Longhorns couldn't pull of a win:

#1 They weren't wearing their ORANGE uniforms.
#2 Aimee wasn't holding up her Texas cheer signs she'd made.
#3 Aimee didn't have her magic/good luck charm got lost in Mattie's bathroom.
#4 Aimee wasn't watching the game.

When they turned on the TV, TEXAS was loosing. They ended up watching "Beast Quest" instead.

I think it is easy to win, but a whole lot harder to loose and walk away with your head held high, knowing you gave it your all and being OK with it.

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DRP said...

It sounds like you're raising your kids up in the right way. It's good to know they're UT fans.