Thursday, June 11, 2009


YEAH! I found my camera cord!!! :) Now I can share some more pictures with everyone! :)

Monday, June 1st: Was almost over before it started! Our packers had the upstairs almost completely packed by lunchtime! Is quitting time really 4:00? Terry, the guy in charge, told everyone it was time to 4:00??? After the packers left, Thomas said to me, "Momma, the guys made a BIG mess!" There were boxes, rolls of tape laying around, tape wads, packing paper, etc everywhere!
Luckily, Edd's brother Dan & his wife Melissa invited us over to their house for dinner! It was nice to get away from the brown box jungle! Thanks!!! We miss you!!!

Late Monday night, Edd and his old running partner, Adam, delivered our refrigerator to Adam's house. Adam's wife, Karista, had come over earlier to pick up some LPS things for her girls and say good-bye. As she was leaving, Karista asked if there was anything else she could do to help.

**DING DING** Great idea!: Give Karista all my perishables that I didn't have room for in the cooler!!! I asked her if she wanted some food, of course who could pass up free food???

5 or 6 Wal-Mart bags of food later, Edd and I were helping Karista load all the food into her car, Karista mentioned something about how they were looking for a new refrigerator. Well, it was her lucky day!!! :) We told her that we'd been trying to sell ours, but it hadn't sold! So she went home, talked to Adam & they decided to buy it from us! :) Thanks! :)

Tuesday, June 2nd: The big truck arrived!!! Wow, what craziness! There were people packing, taking apart furniture, going back and forth, loading the truck! Edd & Thomas went to Mattie's kindergarten picnic. I stayed behind to supervise.

Bethany got home at lunchtime. A while later, she was in the kitchen talking to Edd about how her finals went, her friend Blythe came to pick her up for one more outing. As they walked out the front door, Bethany was grabbed by some masked girls, who'd been hiding in the bushes waiting for her! B had seen them, but assumed they were just measuring the house for something or maybe some of Andrew's friends goofing off. They kidnapped her for a fun last friend get together!!! :) The movers thought it was pretty entertaining! :)

After school, Mattie & Aimee were able to squeeze in one more playdate with their friends. Andrew & his buddies just goofed off outside and climbed the tree for the last time. The packers finally got everything packed and loaded by 5 pm. The truck driver told Edd that he'd be arriving at the new house Wed morning between 9-9:30 am.

Wednesday, June 3rd: Came really early! Edd got up at 3:45 so he could get on the road by 4 so he could beat the truck to the new house. Andrew, Aimee and Mattie decided they'd rather go with Edd than go to their last day of school! So off they all went!

Bethany, Thomas and I stayed behind. Oh, and Missy too. B had to take her last 3 finals. Thomas and I had to finish cleaning the house. I had hoped to have the house clean and the van packed by 11:45, when I was supposed to pick Bethany up from school and hit the road, PLAN A. In case we had to go to PLAN B, I was to call B's phone and tell her to ride the bus home.

I worked fast and furious, but time was going by just as fast! I wanted to be done cleaning by 11am so I could pack the van in time to pick Bethany up. By about 10:30, I knew we had to go to PLAN B. It was really sad cleaning each room for the last time.
I was almost done loading the van when Bethany got home at Noon. She helped me carry the last things out of the house then we hopped into the van and drove away from our cute house for the last time. So sad to say good-bye!

Before we could leave Kingwood, we had a few loose ends to tie up: getting Andrew, Aimee & Mattie's report cards from the school, deliver some b-day presents for B's twin friends, & closing Bethany's checking account. We were finally on the road by 1:30.

At about 5:45, we saw our moving truck drive past on the other side of the highway! We were almost home!!! FINALLY!!! :)

Thursday, June 4th: Unpacking day! It started bright and early with the kids asking if they could go catch was 6:55 am!!! It gets light about an hour earlier here than it did in Kingwood! We unpacked like crazy! It was amazing what the packers packed in paper and what they didn't! B was sad that they didn't wrap her bird statue, which got messed up. She was even more sad that they didn't wrap the mashed potatoe box, which spilled all over the whole box of food! But they would wrap stuff, obviously garbage, in paper!!! GO FIGURE!!!! Thomas had a blast playing in all the hideouts and climbing all the box mountains!

Thurs afternoon, my sister Carolee and her husband,Tim, arrived! They are moving to Florida! They helped us unpack and put things together, like hooking up the washer & dryer. After dinner, we treated them to Cafe DuMonde!

Friday, June 5th: Carolee & Tim spent their morning with us. We unpacked some more and Tim helped get the computer set up. Thanks Tim!!! They left at lunchtime, but not without leaving a lasting impression!

Now it's June 15th~my how time flies when you are having fun! :) Yesterday, it was so nice to come home from church and just relax instead of driving 5+ hours back to Houston. We even had some visitors! Our friends, the Jenson's, were on their way home from Florida and they stopped by to say "HI!" The kids were excited to see each other again, especially Ashton & Andrew!!!

We've gotten a few more boxes unpacked and are slowly finding things that are hiding! Yesterday, I finally found the instructions to put Aimee's bed together! Now where is that couch cover?????

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Stephanie said...

Looks likes a bunch of craziness! I'm glad that you are moved and safe though. Eldon says that it would be fun to make the trip to visit you guys sometime this summer... It's so sad that we won't get to see you as often.