Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frog Heaven

Thomas is in frog heaven here at the new house! Every night is a new adventure with the frogs!!! Last night he found the...

He was at the pool with Edd and the other kids. After swimming for awhile, Thomas thought it was time to hop out of the pool and head over to the chairs to go frog hunting! JACKPOT!!!!! Of course Thomas had to bring her home and add her to our frog collection.

Once home, Thomas put the big momma frog into our converted peanut butter jar/frog habitat. After a few minutes though, he could hardly handle it and got "Momma Frog" out and played with her!

Thomas loved just looking at her!

He loved seeing how long Momma Frog'll stick to his hand before she falls!

I think this is a picture of the baby frog sticking to Thomas' hand. He got baby frog out to play for a little bit too. Luckily, Thomas is smart enough to only play with one frog at a time!

Those frogs sure are sticky!!! :)

Thomas even had fun tormenting Andrew with the frog!

At last, both frogs are back in their new home~at least for the time being! :)


Leah Prince said...

Well, your kids are far more adoring to frogs than ours were. Joe hated them after one took up residence in his shoe. I held one once to impress Leon when we were dating but never did it again. It peed on me.

Stephanie said...

The pictures of Thomas are hilarious!