Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can they do it???

Tonight is the big night...the final game of the COLLEGE BASEBALL WORLD SERIES!!!

Monday night was a nail bitter! At the end of the game, Aimee said that her fingernails were all jagged!!! For those who don't know, the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS LONGHORNS are playing the LSU TIGERS!!! When we turned on the TV, UT was ahead 6 to 4. During all the drama, Aimee said that the team needed to decide if they were going to be "LONGHORNS OR BUNNY RABBITS." Unfortunately after extra innings, the TIGERS pulled out ahead and won.

While we watched, Aimee gave her impression of LSU FANS... "they yell sooo loud and are so annoying!!!" She had much experience growing up in TEXAS with LSU FANS. They are everywhere! Parker, our old backdoor neighbor, who was in Aimee's school class for 2 years is a die hard fan! Our next door neighbor, Ms Cobi, is another die hard fan...Bethany had first hand experience with this since Ms Cobi was her algebra teacher this past year.

Aimee, of course, is a die hard LONGHORN FAN!!!! :)

Aimee painted her nails ORANGE, BLACK & WHITE to support her team!

Her nails had been YELLOW but not for long!!! Unfortunately she had to paint over the yellow because the polish remover was "hiding"!!!

She also put on as much ORANGE as she could for the game last night! Aimee made her own cheer signs!! She even had her good luck bead!!! GO LONGHORNS!!!!



Leah Prince said...

Way to go Aimee! Love your colors!!
I am for the Longhorns and I lived in Baton Rouge for 1 1/2 yrs. The LSU Tigers are really big into it. At the grocery store on game day everyone but us was wearing a Tiger Shirt or purple. Even the old ladies.


Aimee I love you miss you, is orange your new favorite color, it's sure is one of my favorite colors. I'm so glad the longhorns won love ya girl.