Monday, March 31, 2014

Freezing in February!!!

Mr. Groundhog

Mr. Groundhog down below,
Pop up through the fluffy snow, 
See his shadow watch him go, 
Winter's here to stay.

Mr. Groundhog down below,
Pops up through the fluffy snow,
Wide awake he wants to play,
Spring is on it's way.


At our house, we were very anxious for SPRING to come...we had some pretty cold days...
and even had some white stuff fall from the sky...
but this is how Thomas felt about it all...

Luckily, there were some fun things that happened in February to keep our minds off the cold...

lost his other front he has a really cool smile now!!  :)
Thomas made his own cookies one night with the help of Aimee...they were really yummy!  A special chocolate chip cookie with coconut mixed in and on top of the cookies too!!  :)  
Thomas also celebrated 100 DAY at school!  


finished up her science fair project!  Her project was about taste you think the color of your juice changes how it taste to you????
Since the 5th graders are the oldest at their school, they get to do fun things like have a Manners Luncheon!  Mattie was able to go shopping with a friend to find new dresses for them to wear to the Manners Luncheon...this is how cute Mattie looked on her special day!  :)


All the 5th graders had a HUGE party in the cafeteria.  They had different stations...looked like a lot of fun!!  I came to watch for a few minutes and saw Mattie playing the "Hot Potato" game with a BIG HEART!  
The kids were passing it really fast!!  
Unfortunately, Mattie got out as I took her picture.  But she still had fun watching everyone!!  :)

Thomas' class passed around Valentines earlier in the day!  Do you like Thomas' Valentine's box?
 They also made some Valentine crafts...
They played the "Hot Potato" game too!  Uh oh, is Thomas out too?
This is Thomas' artwork out in the hall!  :)


Track season had its debut with a 1 1/2 mile race on February 19th.   It was starting to actually warm up some!!  :)  There were a TON of girls running in this was a district wide cross country meet...
this is only about HALF OF THE KIDS!  

A little bit later, Aimee was coming around the final turn!!  :)  She had some stiff competition...

but Aimee doesn't like to have people in front of her!
Look at her go!!!  What a speedy girl...8:09! 
She came in 1st!!!  Check out that smile!!!  :)


I was in charge of a booth about service for our Women's Conference.  I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite people as my helper.  Here is what our table looked like!  
Our topic was how to serve with our families.  Here is a link to our stake website where you can access our handouts:

February turned out to be a good month!!! 


Friday, February 14, 2014

January flew by!!

Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun!!  At least it has at our house recently!!  Today is actually Valentine's HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!  :)

Last year I ended up not post much here on the blog.  I tried a few times to get caught up, but decided that all the events I'd blog about for the most part were spent with family anyway...and you witnessed them in "REAL TIME!"  :)

We are hoping that 2014 is a little less chaotic than last year... :)


January is typically a pretty fun month at our house!  We had Bethany around to entertain us for a couple of weeks, which was nice!  Thomas, especially liked having Bethany home from LSU.  Bethany's classes didn't start until January 15th!  So she was able to be home to celebrate Andrew's birthday with us!!  

Andrew's birthday was on a Sunday this year...and we have church at we switched things up a bit!  We usually open the family presents after dinner, but we did it after breakfast for Andrew!  

 Looks like Andrew is pretty excited to be 15!!  
 Happy birthday Andrew!!  

Once Bethany left, it was kind of quiet around the house!  But luckily, I had my birthday to look forward to!  My friend, Nikki, has her birthday on January 11th so we decided we would treat ourselves to lunch and invited all our friends to join us!    We had our birthday lunch on Wednesday, the 15th.  :)  While I was getting ready, my visiting teaching partner left these on my porch!  

I had been craving some good BBQ since we moved back to TEXAS so that is what we had for lunch!  It was yummy!!  :)  I also got these flowers from some friends!  

 These flowers broke off so I put them in the kitchen window!  :)

On my actual birthday, which was Thursday the 16th, I got treated to a movie with my friends Amy Sorensen and Paige Greenwood!  We went and saw "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."  It was a fun movie!  Unfortunately, Paige had to leave in the middle of the movie...her house alarm had gone off and she needed to go make sure her house was ok!   She came back to pick Amy and me up when she was done.  Thankfully, the house was fine!  The side door didn't get shut tight and had blown open in the wind.  The police walked through the house though to make sure everything was fine!  

If the Greenwood name sounds familiar, it is because Edd's sister, Patti, married Scott Greenwood.  Paige is married to Scott's older brother Brian!  Small world!  :)  Brian and Paige moved with their family to Kingwood from California right after Christmas!  It has been fun to get to know Brian & Paige's family after hearing about them for 20+ years!  :)

Back to the birthdays...
My family birthday party ended up being Saturday night!  I had been gone all afternoon at a Priest & Laurel conference.  While I was gone, Edd and the kids decorated for me and cooked up a yummy birthday meal!  This is my birthday banner! :)  

We finally made it to Aimee's birthday!!  We actually ended up celebrating a bit early for her...Aimee's birthday was the 27th, which was a Monday.  Normally we would have celebrated her birthday for FHE (Family Home Evening) but Aimee couldn't wait that long!  So we started celebrating Sunday morning!  :)
 Aimee is showing us that she is 13 now!!  :)

We have 3 teenagers now!!  :)
 Happy birthday Aimee!!
Monday morning, Aimee's actual birthday, Thomas gave her the last present to open!  It was the backpack she wanted!!  :) 
Did you notice that Missy photo bombed my picture!?!

Tuesday morning, the 28th, Aimee got another birthday present...NO SCHOOL!!! 

We were blessed with a "snow" day!!  We had a lot of sleet and had teeny white ice particles falling...that were maybe trying to become snowflakes???  Anyway, it was good enough for these poor deprived SOUTHERN children!!  :)

 All bundled up...with Aimee's old boots!  :)
 Mattie was jumping in the ice on the trampoline and it popped off it's legs!!

 "FINALLY!!!  I've been waiting FOREVER to make one of these!!!!"  ~ one happy Thomas:)
Thomas' snow angel!  :)
  Mattie's gloves???  
 Putting the finishing touches on our snowman!  :)

Aimee finished celebrating her birthday week by inviting a few of her friends from school over to the house.  We had one of Aimee's favorites for dinner:  Creole Chicken Alfredo...super yummy!  :)  Then we went to see "FROZEN" in 3D!  :)

“January is here, with eyes that keenly glow,

A frost-mailed warrior
striding a shadowy steed of snow.”
- Edgar Fawcett