Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother's Day

It's been a long time since I've been able to blog! It's been super busy with all the end of school things going on! I was trying to get caught up while we were in Austin for the weekend (Memorial Day weekend). I got the title of my blog typed then my hand hit something and it posted! Sorry for the teaser!!! I'd planned on finishing right away since the pressure was on, but my family pager went off!!!

Mother's Day was a wonderful, but busy day!!!

Edd and Mattie made me breakfast! I had yummy French toast, my favorite :), sausages and juice! I was treated to breakfast at the table this year for ease in cutting my French toast since it was made out of real French bread! YUM YUM! One of the perks of living in Louisiana! :) A downside was that Thomas decided that he was going to share with me since we always share everything! On the upside though, I could enjoy the aroma of my beautiful flower arrangement that Edd gave me for Mother's Day! :)

Here is the back side! :) BEAUTIFUL! Edd's friend from work, Lisa, made it! Edd told her what kind of flowers he wanted and each of the kids decorated a wooden heart for me!

After breakfast we hurried to get out the door by 9am so we wouldn't be late for church! On my way back through the kitchen, I found this gigantic card from Bethany! Of course I had to stop and read it even though the whole family was in the van waiting for me! :) Momentary mental lapse! :) Ok, so the family wasn't waiting for me. They'd already gone! Except for Bethany!

Bethany and I took the truck to church because we had to leave early! Bethany had her GNOYO Mother's Day concert in the afternoon! So after Sunday School, we headed across the lake. The concert was at Loyola University, where they have all the GNOYO performances. This was my first time driving into New Orleans by myself! I was a little nervous, but Edd gave me great directions! He's usually the one who takes Bethany to the GNOYO performances so he's figured out the tricks.

The concert was wonderful! It was fun to see Bethany perform! It was a great Mother's Day treat! :)

After the concert, we hurried home for delicious dinner Edd had prepared for me. He made fish tacos, with grilled fish, with grilled corn on the cob and yummy green beans! Oh it was soo good! :)
Aimee and Mattie made me some fun Mother's Day gifts in school! Aimee made me a book and Mattie made me a magnet for the fridge! Edd got me a BIG picture of all the kids to put over the fireplace!
What a great day! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ben and George...

and Henry too! :) The cousins came to visit!!! Thomas could hardly wait for Ben and George to come see us again! Luckily, Thomas has a birthday in the middle of the week to help him wait all the way until Friday (April 23rd) when Ben and George finally made it to our house!!

Once the boys were reunited, it was fun times for all! :) We all hung out on the driveway while Dan and his family stretched their legs after their long drive from Houston. A cloudburst quickly ended the outdoor fun!

We all went inside and the fun times continued! When Edd finally made it home, he and I took Dan & Melissa out to dinner at a fun restaurant in Mandeville. George and Ben spent the evening with their favorite babysitter, Bethany, and the kids...what a fun night!

Saturday, Edd and Dan took everyone to Global Wildlife for some fun animal adventures while Bethany and I were at B's violin lesson.

When we all got back to the house, Edd grilled up some of his yummy requested by Melissa! Of course they were delicious! :) After dinner, we headed to the park!

Aimee enjoyed walking with Ben and George!

Henry had his own agenda!!! He liked riding Thomas' bike, but decided to take a detour before he got to the park!

Once we got to the park, the BIG BOYS went looking for frogs with Connor, our bishop's son.

Connor had been swimming at the pool with his sisters and a bunch of youth from our ward...along with Bethany! They were having a welcome home party for Connor's big sister, Ashlee, who'd just gotten back from her first year at BYU.

I think Connor was glad to escape from the teenager scene and join the boys in their frog hunt! :) After the boys realized that the 3 frogs they were chasing had hopped off, they went off to play.

Isn't Ben a cutie!!! He is about 6 months younger than Thomas. Before we moved, Melissa and I thought it would be so fun for the boys to play together! Unfortunately, Thomas was a HUGE MOMMA'S BOY.
It is amazing how much Thomas has changed in less than a year!!! Now he loves just running off and leaving me to play with the boys! :)
George had fun watching Andrew play Wizards 101 and they also loved playing against our kids on the wii!!
Thomas and Ben showed off their gymnastics skills by making bridges!
Ben also liked looking at the frogs with Thomas and especially loved holding the frogs! Uncle Dan didn't like it when the frogs would jump away, but Henry thought it was pretty funny!!! :)

Henry liked to try and get Thomas! When Thomas wasn't looking, Henry would reach out and try and grab him!

All the kids had so much fun playing together! It was sad when Dan and his cute family had to go back home!

Thanks for coming to visit! Next time we see you, there will be a new baby Prince, hopefully!!! Can't wait!!! :)
***I'm a little frustrated...can't figure out how to get my text to line up with my pictures...maybe some day I'll figure all this out!!! Maybe that should be my summer project!***

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thomas is 4 now!!! :)

It FINALLY happened!

Thomas turned 4! He had a fun day! It started off with playing with his frog of the week...

After playing with the frog, Thomas helped me mix up his cake! The best part was getting to lick the beater and bowl! :)

After waiting all day, it was time for the birthday party to begin!!! :)
Thomas opened his presents as fast as he could...he was so excited!!

The kids made this poster in honor of Thomas and his birthday!

Here is Thomas and his African Jungle Waterfall cake! It was a special request!

What a BIG BOY!! Thomas is finally 4!!! :) If you ask him how old he is, he is likely to flash you 5 fingers!!! I think he's in a hurry to grow up!!!

Glad you had a fun day! :)