Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother's Day

It's been a long time since I've been able to blog! It's been super busy with all the end of school things going on! I was trying to get caught up while we were in Austin for the weekend (Memorial Day weekend). I got the title of my blog typed then my hand hit something and it posted! Sorry for the teaser!!! I'd planned on finishing right away since the pressure was on, but my family pager went off!!!

Mother's Day was a wonderful, but busy day!!!

Edd and Mattie made me breakfast! I had yummy French toast, my favorite :), sausages and juice! I was treated to breakfast at the table this year for ease in cutting my French toast since it was made out of real French bread! YUM YUM! One of the perks of living in Louisiana! :) A downside was that Thomas decided that he was going to share with me since we always share everything! On the upside though, I could enjoy the aroma of my beautiful flower arrangement that Edd gave me for Mother's Day! :)

Here is the back side! :) BEAUTIFUL! Edd's friend from work, Lisa, made it! Edd told her what kind of flowers he wanted and each of the kids decorated a wooden heart for me!

After breakfast we hurried to get out the door by 9am so we wouldn't be late for church! On my way back through the kitchen, I found this gigantic card from Bethany! Of course I had to stop and read it even though the whole family was in the van waiting for me! :) Momentary mental lapse! :) Ok, so the family wasn't waiting for me. They'd already gone! Except for Bethany!

Bethany and I took the truck to church because we had to leave early! Bethany had her GNOYO Mother's Day concert in the afternoon! So after Sunday School, we headed across the lake. The concert was at Loyola University, where they have all the GNOYO performances. This was my first time driving into New Orleans by myself! I was a little nervous, but Edd gave me great directions! He's usually the one who takes Bethany to the GNOYO performances so he's figured out the tricks.

The concert was wonderful! It was fun to see Bethany perform! It was a great Mother's Day treat! :)

After the concert, we hurried home for delicious dinner Edd had prepared for me. He made fish tacos, with grilled fish, with grilled corn on the cob and yummy green beans! Oh it was soo good! :)
Aimee and Mattie made me some fun Mother's Day gifts in school! Aimee made me a book and Mattie made me a magnet for the fridge! Edd got me a BIG picture of all the kids to put over the fireplace!
What a great day! :)


Leah Prince said...

Love orchestra concerts! Especially in LA!

Chris, T and Kate said...

What a fun day! Can't wait to see the new fireplace photo of the kiddos!