Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of School Craziness!

There's nothing like a crazy schedule to make time fly by!!! The month of May was practically over before it started!!!
Here are some highlights of the end of the school year:

Andrew's 5th grade BAND CONCERT!

Andrew started band at the beginning of the school year! He plays the clarinet! Andrew seems to enjoy band! He has also taken private lessons this year.
Andrew liked band so much that he signed up for it again next year!! :) I didn't even have to talk him into it! :)

The 5th grade band is pretty BIG!

He looks like a natural! :)

Andrew's Awards Assembly!

Thomas and I attended Andrew's awards ceremony! It was held Wednesday, May 19th in the morning.
Andrew received the "Academic Achievement Award for 3.5 or higher"!
We are so proud of Andrew and all of his hard work!!! :)

Here's Andrew with his buddies...Tristan is Andrew's classroom buddie and of course Thomas, Andrew's little buddie and shadow! :)

End of the year gifts for the teachers!

Andrew, Aimee & Mattie gave their teachers and bus drivers a movie night treat! (Thanks for the idea Mom!)
Aimee's Awards & Commencement!

Aimee's awards ceremony & commencement was held on Thursday, May 20th at 10:30am!
I dropped Thomas off at a friend's house so he could have fun and so I could enjoy Aimee's program! :)

There were balloons decorating the room...helium...and some very special balloons up by the risers with each of the 3rd graders' self portraits! It was really neat! This is Aimee's balloon! :)

Each of the 4 classrooms presented awards to their kids. When it was Aimee's classroom's turn, I could tell she was getting a little nervous! Only one boy and one girl from each room was getting the "Citizenship Award." Aimee had been talking about it all week and telling me how her friends had nominated her for one of the special awards!

Sure enough, Aimee's name was read! She received the "Citizenship Award!"

Here is Aimee getting her award from her teacher, Mrs Dronet! :)

Aimee also received an award for being a member of the Safety Partol this year!

Once the classroom awards were handed out, the kids performed a special song! They did the sign language to Josh Groban's song, "You Raise Me Up!" It was dedicated to the Principal and to the parents...it was beautiful! :)

After the song, the principal handed out their commencement certificates! :)

Aimee is heading off to 4th grade, which is at the Jr High where we live!

So I tried to upload the video of the sign language song, but it wouldn't work. I'll try and email it out to the family! If you want to see it you can email me at anniebanannie16@gmail.com
I've had technical difficulties all weekend long so the last day of school will be in another post!

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