Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our unique wakeup call...

Here in Madisonville, we have a unique wakeup call...

The Red-headed Woodpeckers in our neighborhood like to sit on the chimney and tap...


Our first official full day of SUMMER started early with our wakeup call, which came before 7am! Ususally the woodpecker starts a little after 7...he doesn't come every day either, but Edd got to hear him before he rushed off to a race with Andrew and Bethany!

Edd ran in "The Court Chase," a 5K that his friend had planned. Bethany and Andrew ran the mile race. Andrew came in 2nd place overall and first in his age group. Bethany came in 3rd overall and first in her age group. I think the kids said that Edd came in 38th overall, but we don't know what his place was in his age group.

One of the things I've been doing lately is trying to get my garden going! This is my vegetable garden. So far I've gotten a couple jalapeno peppers and I do have a few green peppers growing.

I've also been working on the front flower beds with Edd's help! They look a lot better!!! Here's a view of the front of the house.

Summer means frogs...tree frogs, toads, bullfrogs, and tadpoles too! Here is Thomas trying to catch a tadpole out of our waterhole! The rain stoppped and the water was drying up. Andrew and Thomas filled the hole back to the top with the water. Unfortunately, it hasn't rained much since and the hole has dried's only about a foot deep.

This is what the woodpecker sounds like inside the house. The first time I heard it, I thought the neighbors were getting some work done. Sortof sounds like a jackhammer! :)


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Leah Prince said...

Thomas is hilarious. I love the woodpecker!