Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day! I hope everyone had a good day! I know we did! It started with some yummy blueberry muffins, made from scratch. Thomas and Mattie helped me make them. We used the blueberries we picked the other day!

At church, Bethany played a violin duet with another girl, Tiffany Badger, who is B's age. They played, "Oh My Father." They did a great job!

The last few minutes of church, the Young Women had set out the fixins for an icecream sundae for all the men 18 years old and older to enjoy!
Yes, that's a frog in Thomas' wouldn't be a complete family picture without one...a frog! :)
The Young Women's president and I found out Tuesday night at our Relief Society activity that the YW had done the Father's Day goodies in the past. Glad we found out!!! Thus the email I sent out frantically Tues night to the family! Thanks for all of your responses! John suggested that I list all of them so here you go:
  • cinnamon rolls in gym after church
  • gum or candy bar with play on words
  • homemade notebooks
  • Jelly Belly's
  • Joe said cookies would make him happy! :)
  • chocolates made with tool molds to make them more manly
  • John said one of his wards let them out of priesthood a few minutes served a nice cake and let the dads just eat and talk
  • little containers of icecream
  • heart shaped Mrs Field's chocolate chip cookies
  • Hershey bars covered in paper with just the "HE" showing with a good quote or scripture
  • 100 Grand candy bars or pens
  • I even got a suggestion for a TIE!!! :)

THANKS AGAIN for all the suggestions!! :)

Edd was able to sneak a quick nap for a few minutes before he left for hometeaching. Then we had his favorite dinner, "Chicken Mexicana," when he got back.

We let Edd open his gifts right before family council. Thomas loved helping Edd open his wrapped present! Edd was excited to get the book he's been salivating over for weeks! He saw it at Barnes and Noble on one of our dates and showed it to me. So a few weeks ago when I was there getting Bethany's required summer reading books, I got it! :)

After he opened his other presents, Edd spent the rest of the night looking at his new book, "My New Orleans The Cookbook," by John Besh. He's already picked out what he's going to make us first!

He did break for some Blue Bell homemade vanilla icecream...with some chilled fresh blueberries! :)


Melissa said...

I have to agree...the chicken mexicana is very tasty!! Looks like a fun day, see you soon!!

Leah Prince said...

Is Edd starting to look more like Lenny?????