Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Now that it is officially SUMMER, it sure is hot!!! According to the computer it is 104 right now in Madisonville! Earlier today, our power went out, sounded like a transformer blew...I heard a pop/boom sound outside after the lights went out...reminded me of the tranformers blowing right after IKE.

To cope with the heat, we head to the pool!

A few days ago, the water in the pool was so warm that after awhile, I had to just sit on the stairs because I was too warm even though I was in the water! I try to get the kids to wait until at least 4 to go. One night we went after dinner, which was nice because it wasn't so hot outside, but the mosquitoes started to bite before we got out.

We had a little fun on Sunday. We had stake conference and had to travel about 1:15 to get to the chapel where conference was at. There were about half as many people at conference than we are used to.

After conference, Edd took us on a scenic tour...we were heading to the Chalmette refinery so we could see where he works. On our way, we ended up riding a ferry across the Mississippi! That was fun! It's amazing how fast that river flows!!! Right now it is flowing faster than usual and Edd said that it was really high one day last week and showed us where the water went up to...pretty far and almost to the refinery.

After we drove past the refinery, we saw the battle ground where Britain was defeated in the war of 1812, which is right next to the refinery. We saw a sugar refinery, I think it is the Domino brand. We got to see quite a few houses affected by Katrina. The Chalmette area was completely under water after Katrina. We didn't get to see much in Chalmette because we had to get B to the airport. But we saw plenty in the lower 9th ward. In some places, all that was left of the house is the slab. It was really sad to see. Some houses had been repaired and looked nice again, but they are in the minority. There were quite a few still boarded up and some were crooked or collapsing because of what they'd been through. So sad.

We got Bethany to the airport and I walked her to her gate, since she was and unaccompanied minor. I had to wait until the plane pulled away from the gate. Haven't done that in years!!! As we were driving home, about 1/2 across Lake Pontchartrain, I laughed to myself that Bethany would probably beat us home! Her flight was only about 45 long, just barely long enough to get some drinks passed out before they start their descent.

We'd been home about 5 minutes when Bethany called to say that she was in Houston and the Knights were there with her. So I think she beat us! She's off to girl's camp this week, then EFY next week.

We are hoping for some rain, but it's not very likely. So the kids and I are off to buy a sprinkler for our lawn. We're looking for the train kind that follows the hose. We'll see if we can find one. :)

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DRP said...

That sounds like you're having a lot of fun, or at least an adventure. What a unique experience to live where you can see the wake of a historic hurricane!