Friday, July 3, 2009

"It's OK, Momma!" :)

This picture sums up my week...

My little helper has been very busy this week. The other day, I heard Thomas the bathroom. When I went to check on him, I was overcome with the smell of strawberry! Thomas was in the tub, with his clothes on, slipping & sliding all over! He told me that he was trying to clean the bathtub for me, but had used nearly a whole bottle of strawberry conditioner!!!! Then he said to me, "It's OK, Momma!" and gave me his big smile! :) How can you get upset after that???

Thursday, we were trying to finish getting the house clean. Edd's brother, Dan, and his family were coming for the weekend. At one point, after dinner I think it was, I realized Thomas was in the bathroom and was being very quite...UH OH!!! Time to check and this is what I found............

along with the BLUE footprints, there was BLUE all over the toilet, step stool and smeared all over the mirror!!!

Of course, Thomas being the sweet boy he is, said, "It's OK, Momma!" and gave me that big grin!!! :)

So I cleaned it all up again, the third time I'd cleaned that bathroom that day~and I'd cleaned the other bathroom twice...because of my little helper! Oh well, at least the bathrooms were squeaky clean!!! :) The blue substance ended up being toothpaste from Aimee's brand new tube, it's mostly gone now.

The rest of the house eventually got clean in between all the bathroom jobs.

I'm thankful for my little helper and I did pause a few moments to admire his work! And his cute BLUE footprints. :)


Stephanie said...

Thomas seems like a little clown. ;)

M&M said...

Wow Anne!!!!! I guess that is what we have to look forward to!!!