Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bethany is back! :)

Bethany finally made it back to New Orleans on July 15th! The kids, even Thomas, were really starting to miss not having her around. Andrew and Aimee said that it just wasn't fun without Bethany. Mattie agreed!

Edd went to the airport to pick Bethany up for me so I didn't have to take everyone to the airport. This turned out to be a really thing since Bethany's plane was about 2 hours late!!! Edd called me about 5 minutes before her plane was supposed to land and said that B hadn't even left Houston yet!

There was something that needed to be replaced on the plane, it wasn't serious, but I guess necessary and took a long time! Poor B was sitting on the plane the whole time they were doing the repairs!

Once we got Bethany home, the kids were so excited!!! She was challenged out on the badminton court in the backyard. I don't know whose team won, but I think everyone had fun! Mattie just reported to me that Bethany and Aimee won because Bethany is good at hits! :)

Then next item of business: painting Bethany's room! We were supposed to get it done while she was gone, but in those 3 weeks, we just didn't have time to work on it, other than get the paint. So all the kids ended up helping! They were all excited to help! After painting one wall, we had used up about 3/4 of the first gallon of paint! Yikes!!! After that, I had to limit the access to the paint. After a stressful day and a half, we finally got B's room painted! It looks great! :)
Another bit of excitement was the day we could FINALLY make MICROWAVE POPCORN!!! :)
Our new house is equipped with a double oven, which has been when we are making cookies! But poor Thomas was so sad not to have microwave popcorn anymore! I'd given away our electric popcorn popper when we moved, not realizing how handy it would be at the new house since it didn't have a microwave!
I thought it was kindof fun to live without a microwave for awhile...reminded me of when I was a kid and there was no such thing as microwaves. But the are very nice to have! So Bethany's first Friday night was spent babysitting while Edd and I went microwave shopping!

Thomas is so glad to have microwave popcorn again!!! :)

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Leah Prince said...

We enjoyed having Bethany for a few days. I am glad you got the microwave. When ours went out I missed it terribly. Instant oatmeal, leftovers, popcorn, defrosting when you forgot to take something out of the freezer- I am a fan of microwaves. We are looking for more Utah pics.