Sunday, June 29, 2008

On Thursday, we had a pretty good rain storm, without thunder, so the kids wet outside to play! At first it was Thomas running up and down the rain filled gutters, then Mattie joined him. Aimee came out for a few minutes and rode the scooter around, which Andrew just commented about how that was dangrous because she was barefooted. That's exactly how Andrew split his toe open last year, which gave him a bunch of stiches!!!

Anyway, Aimee didn't stay out long because she was in her swim suit and got cold. It was a cool rain, must have had a cold front??? I don't know, I haven't watched the weather lately! Thomas and Mattie stayed out probaby 30-45 minutes just having the time of their lives! Thomas just rain back and forth in the gutters, but Mattie broke out in song and dance.

First, Mattie started singing in the gutter, but then she moved up onto the man hole cover across the street in my neighbor's yard. That's where she performed this video clip! She's quite the performer!

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Chris & T said...

OH I love little Mattie!!! I miss her too!!! What a cute little dancer she is. Too funny! -T