Friday, June 27, 2008

Today I'm going to write about Thomas! He is quite the two year old. Yesterday, I joked that we should've named him Noah because he'd made a big flood with the mop water in my laundry room! He loves rain too, especially to play with it, and he loves animals!

Today he could've been "Thomas the Tiger!" He has a tiger on the shirt he's wearing today. I guess he realizd that it was there because he starting pulling his shirt up over his face and growling. He did this over and over, then went up to Mattie and did it, I guess he was trying to scare Mattie! She wasn't phased by this, so he started putting his hands/claws up by his face and kept growling at her! I was so cute! But of course he was done before I could get my camera.

Other times, Thomas is a choo choo train. The other day, Thomas expanded his train track from just running around the couch over and over to running around the stairs, through the family room, kitchen, music room, and entry over and over again. All the time whistling his little choo choo whistle! Unfortunately, he's got the energy of the energizer bunny! When he was done, he just kept on playing without being a bit worn out!

Thomas likes to do goofy things like fall down. If I can get this video to upload, you can see and example of him falling. He loves to pretend fall down!

Some of the other things that are unique to Thomas right now are whenever he talks about things, he always labels them "BIG!" He likes to see the "big wahwer" (bayou) when we go to feed the turtles. The thunder we heard this week was "big thunder!" He likes to go "wimwim" (swim) in the "big wahwer" (swimming pool). When he wants a drink, he wants it BIG!

One of the things he likes doing is making BIG truck towers, where he stacks up all his trucks on top of each other! He can usually get about 4 trucks stacked up at a time.

Thomas also likes to make BIG messes! Nothing has been as big as the syrup mess though, I think that one is the worst mess yet, but yesterday he took a half full bag of cheetos from the pantry and dumped them on the rug by the couch, plopped down on the floor and proceeded to snack on the cheetos while he watched tv! Unfortunately, he made a nice cheesy mess on my just washed couch cover--which I just washed on MONDAY!!! All before I could get the mess cleaned up. Luckily Grandma took care of that one for me!

Of course Thomas is just as sweet and cute as ever! When Bethany is asked if she thinks any boys are cute, she quickly replies, "Thomas!!" I love how his hair curls right now! Edd wants to cut it again, but I just love the curls! Mabye by the end of the summer I'll be ready to cut his hair again, maybe...

Well, it looks like I successfully uploaded the video, hope you enjoy!

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