Sunday, June 8, 2008


This is what my kitchen looked like when Thomas got done with it last Monday! I had gone into the bedroom while Mattie was finishing her pancakes, which were for breakfast. Edd's mom called while I was back there so I talked to her for a few minutes. When I got done talking to her, I came back out to the kitchen and found this!!!


Thomas was so excited about his creations!!! He stood on the corner of the rug and pointed to the different puddles and said, "BIG HIPPO!" over and over! He was so excited! I tried to get a picture of him pointing to his puddles but realized that my camera didn't work. So I ran and got Edd's camera. By then the moment had passed, but of course the puddles were still there. So I got this picture.

Unfortunately, I think my camera is dead. So for the time being, Edd is the family photographer. I'll get a new camera someday, but need to figure out which kind I want. many choices.

So back to the took me 3 mop jobs Monday to get the floor so we could walk without sticking everywhere. There are a few sticky spots here and there around, but they are hard to find unless you step in them. Slowly, but surely those are getting cleaned up too!

As you can probably guess, Thomas' name right now is Thomas the Terrible or Thomas the Troublemaker! He's at a really fun age right now, the make the biggest mess possible stage!


Tarina & Chris said...

Thomas is so lucky to have such a nice mom to clean up after his 'creations!' Way to be Anne! We love ya!!!!

Tarina & Chris said...

That is awesome! (cc)