Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here is the most recent picture of the kids! Aimee, Mattie, Bethany, Thomas, and Andrew. Edd took this a couple weeks ago. We'd gone fishing for FHE and he took this as we were leaving. We didn't catch any fish but we did have a lot of fun!

Oh, this was the night that Bella got in trouble!!! As we were driving to our fishing spot, my cell phone rang. When I answered, it was a kid who said Bella was in his backyard. After I asked where the kid lived, it was the next street over from our house. So when the kid asked what I wanted him to do with Bella, I said to leave her alone and she'd probably go home by herself. I said we'd be gone about an hour and I check on Bella when we got home and if she was still at the house, I'd come get her.

So after we finished fishing, we were on our way to McDonald's for our FHE treat when my phone rang again. This time it was the mom and she wasn't very nice. She asked when we were going to get our cat!!! I told her we on our way home and we'd be back in about 20 minutes. When we got to her house, we dropped Bethany off so she could get Bella.

Bethany got home a few minutes later empty handed!!! When I asked her what happened, she said they couldn't find Bella. It turns out that Bella had been in their backyard the whole time and the mom brought her over a few minutes later. She wasn't very happy. I hope that when she saw me she felt a little bad about being so rude because she knows who I am.

Her walking buddy was in our ward and had introduced me to this lady when we moved in. Well I can't remember this mom's name, but she's talked to me before here and there so I know she knows who I am.

The family was so upset about Bella being in their yard because she was making their dog bark the whole time. They have a Beagle and they like to bark and like to howl too!

BACK TO THE KIDS! I decided to name my blog Momma Mia because Thomas will always say, "MOMMA MEEEUH" when he really wants me! I finally came up with the address as fivelittlemonkies because my kids have always loved jumping on my bed!!! It doesn't matter that we have a trampoline out back, they still love to jump on my bed. Bethany and Andrew don't do it anymore, but Aimee, Mattie and Thomas were just the other day and that's what gave me the idea. I always call them little monkies because they love to goof off and love climbing on things so I thought it was perfect!

I'm trying to figure all this stuff out on my own so it has taken me awhile to get it all together! Hopefully I can get a few more interesting pictures and some fun movie clips on too!


EGP said...

We think Bethany's hair looks darker, is that just the lighting or some other means? :)

Tarina & Chris said...

YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!! We are SO excited about this new blog! Ah, we love it Anne! Good work!! Thanks for the link, it will be fun to be able to read up on the texas fam. We miss ya'll so much! Tell everyone hello for us!

Love, Tarina & Chris