Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School Is Out!

Our summer started around 12:30 today, when everyone was finally home! School ended at 11:30, but the kids had to ride their busses home. B was the last to get home.

Andrew, Aimee and Bethany all did really well this year and we are celebrating their hard work! Andrew and Bethany both ended up with A's in their hardest subjects for their last 6/9 weeks! We are so proud of them! They worked so hard, Andrew in spelling and Bethany in math!

Aimee and Mattie celebrated by breaking out the glitter and paints we got the other day for art projects. Andrew ended up going to a friend's house for the afternoon and Bethany read and wathced TV.

Mattie's summer started officially on May 23rd so she's had fun relaxing at home and enjoying not having to get up and hurry to eat breakfast and get ready.

I think I'll let everyone sleep in tomorrow, but not too late, we don't want to waste the day away!

Happy Summer!

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Carolee said...

Cool Annie!!! Exciting that you have a blog now. Tim and I should make one.

Fun that you guys are now on summer break.

Cute pic - I set it as my backdrop, but it is pretty pixilated enlarged. Do you have a better quality copy you could send me?

Have fun!!! Hope your knee is feeling better!!