Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Highlights

It's the end of June already! Wow, time flies! Here are some of the highlights from the month:

We got invited to our friends, the Sanders, for a bbq and swim. Thomas decided that he didn't like his floaties anymore! He just likes to jump in over and over again. Buddy Sanders is Edd's running partner right now. The Sanders have 3 girls, Shantel (15), who Mattie hung out with all night, Mickel (12) and Cierra (8). We had a great time! The best part was the waterslide! Thomas tried the slide, but he didn't like!

Thomas jumping into the pool to Edd!

Andrew going down the slide head first!

Mattie dancing with Shantel!

Another highlight was when Riley, our neighbor came over to play! He will be turning 2 in July. He lives two doors down. Thomas and Riley are cute together! Usually we are at his house because Riley has a swimming pool. One day, Thomas got it into his head that he wanted to "go wimwim at Wiley's house!" He kept saying it over and over and over!!! I did get him distracted and we moved onto something else. So one morning Riley and his mom, Diana came over just to say hi, but Riley had so much fun playing with Thomas that he didn't want to go. He ended up getting carried home kicking and crying! I'm glad that Thomas has such a cute friend! Another day, Riley's mom invited us to come swimming at their house. Of course, Thomas didn't want his floaties and just jumped in over and over again. He made it look so fun that Riley, who'd been scared of the water since he fell into his pool about a month ago, decided to jump in and be like Thomas! By the end of the day, Riley was jumping in almost as fast as Thomas!
Thomas and Riley

One Saturday, we decided to do a bunch of yard work. We ended up cutting down a small tree, which Edd had just finished doing in this picture! We also yanked out a bunch of plants that we didn't like from the landscaping from the owners before us. The yard looks so much better now, except for the flower bed below the master window, which has become Andrew's mud pit. We need to get some flowers there soon. But first we'll have to let everything dry out from all the water and the rain we've had the last few days. Aimee planned out a new flower arrangement for me. She really likes gardening!
Edd and his hatchet!

Thomas got special sister treament one day when Bethany decided to make him a BIG slide with her mattress. Thomas loved it! He'd climb up as soon as his feet hit the floor! The other kids were sad because B would only let Thomas use the slide because he's still little!

Thomas and the BIG SLIDE!

Andrew and his Bear den went to Twilight Camp, which was a 3 day cub scout camp. The camp was held in the afternoon Tues - Thurs. I volunteered to organize the carpooling since I'm one of the Bear leaders, but wasn't going to camp. I was a little stressed, but it worked out ok. I only had to drive on the way home on the last day, which I was glad about. The day before I was supposed to drive, my check engine light came on. I decided I'd better get it taken care of right away since I didn't want the van to break down on me while I had a bunch of people with me.

Andrew at Twilight Camp's closing ceremony.

At the end of the month, Edd was able to attend the Prince Family reunion up in St George, Utah! He had a good time hanging out with his family and relatives that were able to attend! Edd was able to go repelling with Uncle Brent and some of the cousins. Edd also was treated to a tour of the area where Gma & Gpa Prince and their ancestors grew up in Southern Utah.

Dallan (Edd's bro), Edd, Joe (another bro), Grandma Prince, Grandpa Prince, Paula (Edd's sis), Leon (Edd's dad)

The last week of the month was Girl's Camp! Bethany was pretty excited! This is a picture of Bethany, with her friend Cheney on the left, getting their gear ready to load up. The girls were at camp Tues-Fri. When I picked Bethany up on Friday, she said that her favorite part was climbing the rock wall and then doing the zipline to get down!
Bethany and her friend, Cheney, all ready to go!

The day that Bethany left for Girl's Camp, Grandma and Grandpa Cutler flew in from SLC for a visit. Grandma came to have her foot fixed by our friend, who is a foot doctor. We have been having fun with them here!

Mattie and Thomas making cookies with Grandma!

I guess the best part of June was the fact that summer started!!! What a summer it has been!!!


Carolee said...

Cool Annie!!! Sounds like a lot of fun at your house!!! Thomas sure is cute!!!!! Mom said he let her hold him and rock him. What a beautiful child!!! Have fun and tell Mom and Dad hi as well as Edd and the kids!!! Carolee

Taylor said...

What a fun family!

Edd and I were companions in the Tokyo South Mission office about 18 years ago (when Paula was born, actually... I remember Edd showing me her baby pictures).

My wife Teresa (Springer) with reconnected online this week with Cindy (Montgomery) Erekson, and while poking around Cindy's blog tonight, found yours, and called me in to see if I recognized your husband. I did. :-)

Great to see that you guys are doing so well!