Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our 4th of July

Our 4th of July started off watching the parade. Andrew opted to stay home with Grandma and Grandpa to sleep in. Once we got to the parade route, we found a nice shady spot to set up our chairs. A few minutes later, our friends, the Sorensens, came and sat next to us! The parade was a lot of fun, for a small town parade! At first, Thomas didn't really know what to do, but about half way through, he figured out how to collect the candy that was thrown out!

Suckers and icepops were the favorite hand-outs!!! Oh yeah, and the BUBBLE GUM!!!

After we got home from the parade, Aunt Paula came to visit for the rest of the day! Edd and Andrew started to work on the BBQ. Then we had an unexpected visitor---an afternoon thunderstorm!!! Edd and Andrew relocated the BBQ to the garage while everyone else played in the rain!

After the rain stopped, we were treated to some yummy BBQ chicken, which turned out quite scrumptous!

Just before dark, we went over to the park-n-ride to watch the fireworks. Just before we got to the park-n-ride, we had to stop for some duck that were crossing the road! After we parked, the kids got out and played "500," colored--Aimee drew a picture a picture of Thomas and Mattie colored a frame that Grandma Cutler had given her. Thomas mostly played in the truck!

Our friends, the Sorensens, ended up parking right next to us to watch the fireworks too! Aimee and Mattie played with Kayla and Lauren for a few minutes...then we watched the fireworks! The fireworks were pretty good and Thomas really liked them! It was fun to hear his reactions!

All in all it was a good day!

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Chris & T said...

I love the ducks!! So cute! We also love our new fridge arts from the kids! Thanks guys! WE LOVE YA'LL! :)