Friday, July 25, 2008

Good-bye Dolly

Hello Dolly!

Our first hurricane experience for the year was a little disappointing! The kids had hoped that Dolly would come more our direction. Grandma and Grandpa Cutler were glad it didn't come our way since they flew home Wednesday morning!

Good-bye Grandma & Grandpa!

We got a lot of wind and quite a few clouds on Wednesday when Dolly came on land with a few sprinkles and a few quick downbursts, but that was it. Wednesday afternoon, it was my turn to teach the scouts. We were doing bike safety, how to change a tire and were supposed to go on a mile bike ride. Just as we were about to leave on the bike ride, we were hit with another rainband from Dolly, which decided to dump on us! So we skipped the bike ride and all went home. Andrew was pretty bumbed.
Dolly--Day 2
Yesterday, though, it was cloudy all day and rained most the day. The rain was very much needed...YEAH!!! We only got about an inch of rain though. Hopefully folks more north of us got some rain Grandma and Grandpa Prince in Austin! The kids did have fun playing in all the rain! I enjoyed the cooler weather! It was only in the 80's yesterday!!!
We also found a few little friends, a "wiwl fwog," a "wiwl wizard," and a snail who were probably all hiding from all the rain!

Here's a movie of Mattie and Thomas playing in the rain! There's a big stream of water that comes out of our rain gutter that helps it drain better. The kids love running through it!

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