Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mattie's Field Trip

Mattie's field trip was off to the Houston Livestock Show, on Friday the 13th. We had a good time walking around checking things out. Of course some of our highlights were the baby pigs, just a few hours old, the LONGHORN, and sitting on the tractors.
We walked around and saw a few other aninmals, like the rabbits and the chicks. We also watched a milking presentation. Andrew & Mattie seemed to really have a fun time! We ended up staying longer than I had expected!
When we were done, we drove home in Sally!!! :)
Sally is the name of our new van! Edd was able to pick up Sally the night before! Just in time for our Spring Break trip!!!
Once we got home from the fieldtrip, we loaded up the van and headed out to New Orleans! Because of the rain and tons of traffic, we didn't make it to New Orleans until about 9pm. We left the house before 2, so that was a long drive!!!
It was fun to drive over the big bridge in Baton Rouge that crosses the Mississippi. I didn't realize the Mississippi went through Baton Rouge! Thomas thought the bridge had a monster under it! I think that was the hightlight of the drive out. :)
When we finally got to the hotel, Thomas was so excited that they had a pool! He wanted to go swimming. So we quickly changed and went swimming! Then it was off to bed.
Saturday morning, we went to look at houses and tried to figure out which area we liked the best. Turns out we liked the Madisonville area and also the Mandeville area. (They are on the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain. sp??? I guess I'll know for sure in a few months. :)
After looking at houses, we drove into New Orleans and walked around with the kids and saw the big cathedral next to Jackson Square. There was a couple who'd just gotten married, so we got to see them leave. They left in a parade of friends. I guess that's the tradition down there. Sounds pretty fun. Luckily it just sprinkled a bit while we were walking around the French Quarter.
We stayed the night with the Schofields, Kelly and Jo, who we knew from Kingwood. Kelly is the guy who Edd is replacing at the refinery. So they talked about work stuff. We went to church with Kelly and Jo, then drove home. It didn't take as long to get home, which was nice. We got home in 5 1/2 hours.

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Cindy said...

You're moving? When did you find out about this? Good luck with everything!