Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, and you and you!!!

It has been birthday time again at our house! Edd's birthday was last Wednesday. Thomas was helping Edd open presents while the rest of us watched. Thomas ended up grabbing a small, square present to open. Once he opened it, all he saw was a box with red and black words on it. He said, "wow." He was probably thinking that it was a dumb present. A moment later, Edd looked up as saw the black and red box that Thomas had just opened and said, "WOW!" I'd surprised him with a new camera lens, which was in the box!

Edd's cool little box!

Next came Bethany's birthday, on Saturday. She was busy partying nearly all day. We only got to see her for a few hours the whole day!!! At 8am her friends from church came and kidnapped her and took her to breakfast. At 9:30, a few of B's friends from school came to pick to take her to the movies for her b-day. B got home a few minutes later, ran up and changed out of her pj's and then ran out the door, off to the movies and the mall! We didn't see B again until around 4 that afternoon! We were barely able to spend enough time with Bethany to eat dinner and then open presents. While I was making dinner, Mattie asked Bethany to pull out her loose tooth. Bethany loves pulling out teeth!!! :) Bethany began her twisting and turning method, but after a few minutes she let Mattie have a break. Mattie scampered off only to come back a few minutes later with a tooth in her hand! Mattie had pulled out her own tooth!!! :) Once Bethany blew out the candles on her cake, she was off again! This time to the "FISH DANCE" (a dance at Kingwood HS for the in-coming freshmen to meet, who are coming from Riverwood Middle and Creekwood Middle). She didn't get home until about 10:45, just in time for some b-day cake! :) I guess we need to get used to the busy life of a teenager!!!

Bethany ready to blow out her candles, then off to the dance!

Thomas finally had his birthday on Tuesday. For weeks, he's been wanting some "Moon Sand" and I told him that he could get it for his b-day. So each week, when he sees it at the store, he'd ask me, "Is it my birfday, Momma?" Tuesday morning, when Thomas got up, we told him it was his birthday. He just shook his head no and said, "No, it's not my birfday." While the kids were at school, we did all of the things that Thomas likes to do like play "paint" on the trampoline~I sit in the middle and he crashes into me to spill the paint...he got it from watching Thomas the Tank Engine spill paint in one of the stories. Each time he'd crash into me, he'd pick a new color to spill. Then we headed in to play "CARNATOR" on my bed...this is where we both pretend to be carnator dinosaurs and we fight and hide underneath the pillows. In the afternoon, Riley, Thomas' friend from 2 doors down, came over to play. He brought Thomas a present...bubbles! So they all spent the afternoon trying to blow bubbles! Thomas was so excited when he'd blow one!

After dinner, it was time for Thomas' family b-day party! Thomas had so much practice opening everyone's presents that he was SUPER FAST!!! I think it only took him five minutes to open all his presents from start to finish! Then we were off to blow out the candles on the cake. Poor Thomas really struggles with blowing air out~I think he ends up blowing it down. Anyway, when it came time to blow out his candle, he had to try a few gave us a good chuckle! :)


Thomas is following after Andrew's footsteps...once we sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out the candles, they were off playing with the new presents. They had no interest in the cake or ice cream. After the rest of us had cake & ice cream, we went out to ride bikes. It was a beautiful night and Thomas had gotten a new bike for his b-day! He was pretty excited, especially since his new bike would make him, "go super super fast!" I think he had a great birthday!

When Thomas woke up yesterday, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Is it my birfday today?" So I think he had a good day and wanted to do it all over again! I have tried to keep the errands to a minimum this week so he could do the fun things he likes to do here at home.

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