Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tears of Joy or Sadness???

Well, our saga with Stu wasn't as long as I had thought. We were starting to get used to "Stu" when one day, it came to an abrupt end.
It all started one Saturday morning a few weeks ago...Edd was letting our friend, Perry, borrow the truck. Perry got to our house right before we were heading out the door for soccer so Edd took the keys to "Stu" and backed out so Perry could back the truck out. Then Edd pulled "Stu" back into the driveway. A couple minutes later I came outside to get into van so we could head off to soccer.
Well, Edd was quite perplexed...he'd left the keys in the ignition, at least that's what he'd remembered doing...but they weren't there!!! We hunted for the keys for about 10 minutes, then we had to leave to get the girls to soccer.
I ran inside and grabbed the keys to Earl, our white van, and we threw all the chairs and soccer gear into the back of Earl and rushed off to soccer. When we got back home, we continued to look for the keys. We looked all weekend. No keys.
Monday morning, I went to the rental place where we got "Stu" to see if they had an extra key. There was no extra key anywhere. So I told them I'd go back home and keep looking. I looked and looked and looked and looked...they were gone.
Thursday afternoon, I called the rental place and told them we couldn't find the keys and they'd have to come tow the van. The told me that call the dealership to find out how much the key was. We'd have to pay for that and the towing too. Turns out the key was $240 + towing. OUCH!!!!!!!!!
When the tow truck driver came, it was raining. It had been raining pretty much all day really. He got "Stu" loaded up and started pulling away just as Bethany got home. She was ecstatic to see "Stu" leave. I had mixed feelings...I was glad to be done with that part of my life, but so frustrated that we couldn't find the key and would have to pay a fortune to get the key replaced.
As I watched "Stu" drive away, I had a few tears come to my eyes. Tears of joy or sadness...a little of both.

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