Sunday, March 1, 2009

March comes in like a lion and out like a ...sheep???

Happy March!!

We are excited to move into a new month! Today Aimee told us that the March saying is that it comes in like a lion and out like a sheep. I tried to tell her that the saying is actually says lamb, but she insisted that it be sheep because they are the same thing.

We survived a crazy week, which was a great ending to our crazy month of February. Lately, I've been the family taxi driver, which has it's interesting moments in "STU"

Aimee affectionately named the van "STU," which is short for STUPENDO. Aimee really wanted to name the van, "STUPID," but I wouldn't let her. One day, at the beginning of the week, Thomas kept saying , STUPENDO, over and over and over again. It was pretty funny! Driving Stu has been an adventure for sure. It took us about a week to figure out that the button with the snowflake was how you made the A/C turn on! :) I also learned that even though the dash is lit up at night, it doesn't mean your lights are on! :) I'm used to "EARL," our old van, whose lights would turn on automatically when it got dark outside.

STU aka: "the blue bullet" or "Bertha, the big blue whale" is an ok van, but we'll be glad when "SALLY" is finally fixed.

Stu has been pretty good at hauling soccer stuff around to practice and games, he took Missy to her obedience class Thurs night, he has taken Thomas to and from swimming lessons, he's been to Wal-Mart several times, to the church quite a bit, and other places around the neighborhood.

What does March hold is store for STU??? Check back later for more adventures! :)

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