Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Autumn Time!

Well, nothing like pressure to post...just typed the title and somehow after I hit "enter," it posted!!! So for those who are looking at this right now, SO SORRY! I'll have something a little more exciting ASAP!!! :) Sunday afternoon, Sept 27th

So here we go...

Last Sunday was High Council Sunday and we all went with Edd to the Jefferson Ward. Edd had asked Bethany and me to speak with him. As we were crossing the bridge, Thomas said, "This is a BIG BRIDGE!!!" I looked out the window for the next mile marker to see how far we were and a few minutes later, there it was...MILE 11~so we were just barely half way!

Driving into New Orleans is always an adventure! Edd was following the directions from our GPS and said they were totally different than the directions he'd gotten from mapquest....hmmm. When the GPS announced that we should enter the roundabout Edd was not happy!!! Luckily, the exit we needed was open and we went on our merry way, unlike the last time we had to use the roundabout! :)

The Jefferson Ward meets in a church building that is really little but the congregation was a good size. We were very surprised to see some familiar faces at church!!! Bro & Sis Stansel, from the Kingwood Stake, were there. They are serving their mission in this area! Another missionary knew us too!!! Elder Davis, walked in and came over to say hi!!! He is Brittany's little brother, Miles! Brittany is married to Joe~one of Edd's brothers.

This is a picture of Elder Davis and Edd in the back of the chapel.

Sunday afternoon was NAP TIME!!! After working hard to get some good pictures of the kids, Edd sat down for a minute in the papasan. Well that minute turned into quite a few minutes!

Later, Sunday night, I put Thomas in the papasan after his bath and ran upstairs to get his clean clothes. When I got back downstairs, Thomas was fast asleep! Edd told me a few weeks ago that once you sit in the papasan, you can't help falling asleep!

I have had loads (hee hee) of fun doing laundry with my new washer and dryer! :) The red makes me so happy! :) Thomas has always loved to help me with the laundry. But this week we had a little problem with some shrinkage...

OPPSSS!!! What happened??? :)

Friday night, Edd and I were in Best Buy and I saw the exact washer and dryer, except in WHITE. I'm so glad I got RED!!! :)


Tuesday, September 22nd was a special day!!! It was the first day of Autumn! It was also my Grandpa's birthday...he would be 114 this year if he was still alive. He turned 100 the year that Bethany was born. He was 103 when he died, just after Andrew was born.

Grandpa was a special man! He was always happy to see us when we came to visit and greeted each of us with a smile and a kiss! :)

I loved it when I was a little girl, he'd give me super long horsey rides on his foot...he must have had super strong legs because I could only do it for a few seconds with my kids!

I loved his treat drawer in the kitchen...he'd ususally let us pick something when we'd come over! Sometimes he had petrified marshmellows...which were the BEST!!! Most the time it was is my favorite. Sometimes he'd treat us to blackcherry floats!!! YUM YUM YUM!!! One time he gave me a box of powdered doughnuts, what a treasure!!! :) But, unfortunately, I couldn't keep them...that's another story.

I loved it when Grandpa would push me really high in his swing! I felt like I could touch the sky! :) He was always whistling some tune while he pushed me!

I loved looking at Grandpa's worms in his worm box! Grandpa even tried to teach me to fish. What patience he had trying to teach me to cast. Over and over again, I'd get my line stuck in a tree and he'd untangle it and let me try again!

I loved all the family outing we had. Picnics and pingpong out on the patio with all the cousins...which wouldn't be right with out the "orange water!" Grandpa liked his TANG on the mild side! :)

One time Grandpa even showed me the wooden oxen he had in his garage, which he'd used when he went on the commemerative Pioneer Trek.

Grandpa was a great example! :)

Autumn came to our neighborhood with a big splash! We had a HUGE downpour!!! It only rained for about an hour, but we got tons of water! It flooded the backyard and filled the ditches! The kids couldn't resist having a little water fun!

Thomas was so cute...he came running up to me and said, "Don't worry, we are watching out for snakes!"

Can he read my mind or what!!! I had just been thinking about snakes!

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Leah Prince said...

I liked reading about your grandpa. I remember him. The family is growing and all look great. Can't wait to see you all!!