Sunday, September 6, 2009

August Highlights...

Bethany is in the Northshore Philharmonia Orchestra!

Bethany tried out for the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra. She was pretty nervous. Her audition was at Loyola University, Saturday, August 15th.

Finally, it was Bethany's moment of glory! Bethany played the piece that she'd prepared, which sounded great...through the door, I had to stay out in the hall. Bethany also had to do some sight reading. Bethany said the sight reading piece was SUPER HARD!!!

When Bethany was done, she walked out with the orchestra's artistic director, Jean Montes. He told me that she was "a keeper!"

About a week later, we got the official call, Bethany has been accepted in to the Northshore Philharmonia! She is so excited!!! This orchestra is just under the Youth Symphony, which played in in Carnegie Hall this summer! Maybe Bethany will be playing there soon! Her first rehersal is this weekend.

After the audition, B & I joined up with Edd and the kids, who had been out exploring.

We went to the Audubon zoo to see their dinosaur exhibit! It was so much fun!

Thomas was pretty nervous around all the dinosaurs. They seemed pretty real to him! He was excited to see T-Rex, but wouldn't get too close so he wouldn't get eaten! :)


Another hightlight of the day was seeing the elephants!

We got to their exhibit right before their daily demonstration! It was fun to see the elephants take their bath and do tricks!

The best part was that we actually got to touch one of the elephants!!! That was really cool!!!


Andrew and Thomas have become best buddies! Andrew is such a great big brother! When it is time for bed, he helps Thomas get ready, then off to their room they go.

One night when I went to check on them, this is how I found them!!! :)

The other night, while we were talking about how alike Andrew and Thomas are, Edd said, "They are like identical twins born 6 years apart!"

So true!!! :)

A NEW SMILE x's 2!
Aimee has been busy working on her smile this month! She lost a tooth on the 17th! But just a few days later, on the 23rd, she lost another one! Cute "pumpkin smile" just in time for Halloween! :)


Thomas has been busy making some friends. A few of the moms from church with little kids have been getting together once a week.

Our first outing was at the Abita Springs park. Right after we got there, it started to rain!

Fortunately, we came prepared to get wet...the have an area where the water squirts out everywhere for the kids to play in.

The boys had fun playing in the rain, with the wet sand, and running around the squirting water!

Our second outing was at the "park beach" at Fontianbleau state park which is right next to Lake Pontchartrain.

The kids had so much fun running up and down the beach and playing in the water!

The best part, Thomas to a LONG nap afterwards!!! He fell asleep on the way home and slept until 3:30!!!

Thomas has become quite the big tease! His favorite target: ANDREW!
Thomas loves to take anything of Andrew's and wave it infront of him. Once he has Andrew's attention, Thomas takes off running to get away! Sometimes it will be Andrew's book that he's reading and Thomas will take out the bookmark too!

One morning, Thomas was licking his big sucker when he decided to tease Andrew with it. It was pretty funny to see Thomas in action!
So much fun! :)

We as a family are adjusting well to our new life down here in Louisiana.

It is definitely quite a cultural change from Houston. But mostly in a fun way!

Last Sunday, we were at the dinner table when Edd asked the kids what they had learned about at church.

When it was Mattie's turn, she said that they had talked about the Last Supper. Then Mattie told us that she actually learned something!!! She learned that bread and wine actually came from Louisiana!!! Hmmm... :)


Patti said...

Those are hilarious photos of Thomas and of the two of them!

No way, about the wine from Louisiana!!!!!!!

Leah Prince said...

Bread and wine from Louisiana??? That is funny.