Sunday, September 20, 2009


So far we have had a SWEET SEPTEMBER! :)

We have been blessed with "COOL" temperatures...low 90's and upper 80's.

One of these nice cool mornings Thomas and I went to the Mandeville Tammany Trace Trailhead park, where playgroup was for that week.

I was surprised to see these beautiful leaves there! Most of our trees still just have a little hint of orange.

Thomas had so much fun at the park that he insisted that we take the kids there.

So Labor Day morning we went back and played. The kids had a great time! :)

One of the things we are most excited about is FOOTBALL! :) We caught the tail end of BYU's first game against OU, and they actually won!!! Wow!!! The kids had fun watching and were hooked! So we got tickets for the BYU vs Tulane game, which we had such a good time at!

Aimee and Mattie had their beauty shop open. Edd was a lucky recipient of their beauty expertise! :) We have been blessed with foot massages all month long! :)

Andrew was a great big brother one afternoon. He kept Aimee, Mattie, and Thomas entertained for quite a while! He found some site on the computer that had pictures of strange beasts. They all had fun checking out the weird creatures, especially "el chupacabra!" Unfortunately, there were a few scary dreams afterward.

Thomas is sporting the spiky hairdo, compliments of Aimee and Mattie's hair salon! :)

Edd has had a busy time at work lately. Maybe since May???? Anyway, he came home from work wearing his "UNIFORM." We hardly get to see him in his "FRC's" (the official name: fire retardant clothing) which is what he has to wear along with his steel toed boats when he goes into the refinery. Mattie thinks he looks like Uncle Scott Zogg in his uniform! (he's a fireman!)

Lately, we have been blessed with the presence of "the twinkee twins!" It is always fair weather when the twinkee twins are visiting. It's been a long visit this time! :)

Unfortunately, my dryer gave up the ghost this month. It has given many good years of service along with the washer.

I was very sad to have my dryer go out. I had to dry laundry on racks in my bedroom, which took forever since it is so humid down here!!!

Aimee asked me the other day if her sock was was crispy. I told her it was dried on the rack and it was fine! :)

To make things a little more exciting in the laundry room, my new washer and dryer are RED!!! :)

This week I got to be Mattie and Aimee's grandma! :) It was Grandparent's BINGO week at their school.

I didn't think it was a big deal, but I didn't realize where I live!!! Everyone has their whole family here!!! I sent a note to school saying that our closest grandparents lived in Austin, TX. The teacher wrote back asking if there was a friend that could come, or even me???

So I went! The day I played with Mattie, we won two times!!! The day I played with Aimee, we got really close to winning. We had a lot of fun!


Melissa said...

I LOVE the red!! I can't wait till I have a dryer. Two years is too long to go without a dryer!

Patti said...

I'm jealous of the red, too. Is doing laundry really happier now? (Don't tell me if it isn't.) GOOD THING you went to the school for the special day. Isn't that funny how some things are a huge deal (and other things aren't) and we think it's the opposite!

Patti said...

I like the playground. I bet that's one of the cool things about the move...discovering new places to go. Also, Andrew needs to tell us what the website is. That sounds too awesome.

Leah Prince said...

Love the beauty shop.. My kids always played store and it was sooooo hard to clean up afterward as all their possessions were put into the store. I guess beauty shop is a big mess too, but looks like tons of fun.


all good photos anne all good photos! I love Thomas' spiky hair! I think you need to expound on the Twinkee Twins... Aimee and Mattie? also, the picture of the hair salon is hilarious! I love the expressions on A's and M's faces and the movement of their arms only accents it! I love it! thanks for the family update!