Sunday, October 11, 2009


So a while back, like last summer, I posted a poll on who Thomas looks like....
EDD (when he was little)

So when I was picking these pictures tonight to upload, the kids were asking who they were...they thought Edd was Walter or maybe Thomas. The other day, I showed the picture of Andrew to Thomas and asked him who it was. Thomas smiled and said that it was THOMAS!!! Sure looks like him!!! But it's actually Andrew when he was 4! Thomas will be 3 1/2 Oct 21st so he's almost the same age as Andrew in the picture.
Thomas has been having fun with the kids at home. They had Friday off. We colored ghosts to put out into the yard. We went to Wal-Mart and the kids picked out their pumpkins. When we got home, we went for a QUICK swim! Thomas had been dying to go swimming for about 2 weeks now. It had been so hot all week, still in the lower 90's and upper 80's so I told Thomas we'd squeeze it in. That we did! The kids were only in the pool for about 20 minutes when a storm blew in and it started to rain.
Today, I told Thomas that in a few months, he can start going to PRIMARY! He seemed excited about that. He still doesn't like Nursery much. I was able to walk him in today and find him a chair, then I left! He usually begs me to stay, but not today! I was surprise! Tonight he asked if it was a church night (the kids were talking about it being a school night earlier). When I told him it wasn't, he was SO RELIEVED!!! He doesn't like going to church much.
Today, during the opening prayer, Thomas was laying in Aimee's lap. She'd been giving him some "scoose bumps." All of the sudden, he started fake snoring and wouldn't stop!!! I put my hand over his mouth and he kept sawing those logs!!! He had the bench in back of us giggling and Andrew's friend, Connor, was trying so hard not to laugh out loud too! He was sitting on the bench in front of us!
After the opening prayer, I put Thomas in my lap. He started sniffing and said, "I smell animals!" while he kept sniffing. Bethany, who I think was horrified by the whole situation, offered to take Thomas out and scooped him up almost before I could answer. There's no telling what would've happened next if B hadn't taken him out. WHAT A FUNNY KID!!! :)
A few weeks ago, Thomas cleaned up all his dinosaurs when I asked him. When he was all done, I thanked him for cleaning them up. He responded with this, "Yah, I'm cool cuz I'm almost big!"
Pretty funny little guy! :)
I guess Thomas is really growing up. The other day, he asked me what I was going to do when he goes off to school. If I put him into pre-school, that would be next year. That's kindof sad, almost the end the little kid era. It's sad to think that my babies are all growing up, but on the other hand, I'm a little excited to have some free time! Maybe even the house will stay cleaner because everyone will be old enough to put things away, RIGHT???


Patti said...

I think Andrew and Thomas look a whole lot alike! Thomas sounds like such a character.

Leah Prince said...

I think both your boys look a lot like your brother Frank. In fact, at times I think you (Anne) look like Frank. That must be your dad's genes coming through. Now how everyone acts??? That is the question. Just like themselves.