Monday, January 2, 2012

Catching Up, part 5: End of School! :)

****Didn't ever get this post published!!!  I was waiting for a video clip to never I just deleted it!  *****

After Spring Break was over, we had only 3 weeks left of school!!! :) We were so excited!!! Here is what we did that last few weeks:

We had Mother's Day! :) Edd and the kids treated me to some yummy breakfast food and to a yummy dinner! :) Here are my flowers from church...
Edd also cooked up a yummy shrimp dish...Andrew is showing off the midget and giant shrimp from the bunch!! One of our favorite things about Louisiana is the good, fresh seafood!! YUM YUM!! :)
Bethany had a bunch of finals to study for!! :)

We were blessed with toads again!! :) Thomas was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the toads...every day he would go outside to check for them! He was so happy when he finally found the first toad of the summer!!
Here are some of our flowers in the garden...I finally finished planting in the flower beds. The lilies were here when we moved in, but I've been adding things. This year I planted a bunch of different flowers, but my favorites are the Zinnias! :)

Andrew had is Band Concert! He was in the 6th grade band. They sounded great!! :)
Thomas had his Graduation from Pre-school Day! They sang some songs, each kid had a little speaking part. Thomas said his without any perfectly!! :) Yeah!!! He is growing up so much! Each of the kids got a medal too!!! :) Edd and I are so proud of all the hard work that Thomas did at his school!
Of course the end of school always brings the awards! I went to see Aimee get her awards. I guess I didn't get a picture of Bethany's or Mattie's awards. Bethany, Andrew, Aimee and Mattie all worked really had and did well in school! Edd and I are very proud of them!!

The last 3 weeks of school were a whirlwind of activities...we were all worn out and ready for are a few pictures of some naps that snuck into the busy schedule!! :)

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Leah Prince said...

Its fun to see these cute pics. It was great to see you at Christmas.