Friday, February 3, 2012

GOOD BYE 2011...HELLO 2012!! :)

GOOD BYE 2011!! You were a great year!  You gave us many things to be thankful for!  We had some great times together and some not so great times.  But before 2011 ended, we were able to squeeze in some CoUSiN CrAziNeSs!!! 

Our week of CoUSiN CrAziNeSs started with a quick trip to Austin, TEXAS!  We decided last minute to drive up because Edd's brother John, and his familly had driven from Provo, UTAH to Austin for Christmas!!  We don't get to see them very often, and there was one special cousin we were excited to see!  John and his wife Melissa were blessed with a GIRL, sweet Elizabeth, right before Halloween...after 5 BOYS...Elizabeth is a special treat!!  :)

BEFORE I GO ANY FARTHER, WE NEED A LITTLE CLARIFICATION:   for those who aren't in the PRINCE family  :)

John married a Melissa...we call her Melissa Snow!  Not because Melissa is from Utah, but that would work! :)  Snow is Melissa's maiden name. 

Edd's brother Dan married a Melissa too!  We call her Melissa Z..."Z" is for Zabriskie, Dan's Melissa's maiden name. 

OK...back to the story...

So the Monday after Christmas, we drove to Austin to play with John's family and Uncle Dallan & Aunt Paula who were home from BYU for the holidays too!!  :)

Once in Austin, everyone PLAYED, PLAYED, PLAYED!!!!!  :)

Here are some pictures...

The BIG KIDS loved playing games over at the elementary school down the street!

The LITTLE KIDS liked playing in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard! 

Henry, Seth, Thomas and Sophie

The kids loved hanging out with each other!  :)

Sophie and Mattie playing a DS game!   :)
Hyrum, Aimee, Josh and Mathew watching a movie together!  :)

There were some random acts of service...

Uncle Dallan holding Baby Elizabeth :)

Andrew and Josh doing dishes for Grandma!  :)  Josh is John and Melissa's oldest...he will be 12 in the spring!

We were had an impromptu family ensemble!! 

Aunt Paula on flute, Bethany on violin, Uncle Dallan on piano, and Melissa Z singing
...they were performing Handel's Messiah for us!  They sounded really good!!!  :)

There were plenty moments to enjoy...

Isn't she adorable!!  And look at all that hair!!  :)

Aimee had the special touch!  Elizabeth didn't like many people holding her, but she sure liked Aimee!!  :)

One morning, we all headed over to the school to play! 

The kids played a game called "SPIDER" where the person who is it walks around with their eyes closed and tries to catch someone while they move around the play equipment!
Watch out!!!  Uncle Edd is the SPIDER!!!  :)
George...Dan and Melissa's oldest.  He just turned 7!  :)
Hyrum...Dan John and Melissa's 2nd oldest.
I think he is 10!  :)
Josh trying to get Andrew down from the roof!!  :)
Thomas trying to get away from the SPIDER!!  :)

Of course there is the traditional playground fun...
Mattie flying!!

Samuel swinging!!
He is John and Melissa's youngest boy!  He just turned 2!  :)

Aimee doing what she loves...playing football!!  :)
Ben...Dan and Melissa's 2nd oldest.  He is 5!  :)


Sam...Dan and Melissa's youngest.  I think he is about 18 months!  :)

Melissa Snow with Elizabeth walking around with their friends who came to play too!!  :)

Henry...Dan and Melissa's 3rd boy.  I think he is almost 3!  :)

Aimee being silly for the camera!!  :)

The kids also had a good game of "QUIGLEY" on the playground!  They have been playing this game for ages...I remember them playing this at our house before Andrew was it has been a long time!!  It has evolved a little with the times though...they used to play with nerf guns that shot bullets, now their nerf guns are LASER GUNS!!  :)

Run, we are under attack!!!  

and the uncles are dead.

Edd and Dan talking strategies

Back at Grandma and Grandpa's house we goofed off together!!  :)  Some of the big kids would go over to Grandma Goodwin's house to watch football and basketball!

Here are a few more pictures...
Uncle John  :)
Seth...John and Melissa's 4th boy.  I think he is 4!  :)

We all had a great time playing with everyone!!

It was a fun week of CoUSiN CrAziNeSs!!!

Looks like I didn't post many pictures of Eldon and Stephanie and their girls....I'll have to blog about your visit to Madisonville to make up for it!!  :)
Thanks John and Melissa for making the LONG drive so we could make some wonderful memories!!  :)


Aunt Paula and Bethany :)  :)

Sorry for the crazy picture layout!  I gave up trying to get the pictures in just the right spots. At one point I had them where I wanted them...but the captions messed them up... and I don't want to spend ALL DAY trying to get them just so!!   


Melissa said...

Anne...these pictures are so good! I'll have to get a copy of some of them :) We had SO much fun. We miss you guys!

MZP said...

what a fun post! but you have hyrum labeled as DAN and melissa's....

Anne said...

Oh no...I guess I'll have to fix that!! :)