Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Pants

So I am still trying to get caught up. :) Life in the BIG EASY has been a little busier than I like during the month of was over almost before it started....crazy, I know, especially since it is a LONG month!!
Anyway, I'm back on the computer! :)
So you are probably wondering why I'm doing a blog on Sunday pants...well, let me tell you why:
Have you ever wondered what your kids would do if you were not around???

How about a SUNDAY MORNING without Mom, Dad or oldest sister to help the kids get ready to leave by 9am...
Yes, that actually happened at our house one Sunday!
The weekend Bethany and I were in NYC, Andrew was the oldest at home! He was in charge of getting himself ready (he is 12) plus making sure Aimee (who is 10), Mattie (who is 8), and Thomas (who is 5) all get ready too!

I have to say they all did a great job getting ready and out the door! :)
I was very proud of them!! :)

Bethany and I arrived back in NOLA Sunday just before noon. Of course I was excited to see the kids again! :)
I was a little surprised to see that Thomas wasn't in the outfit I'd picked out but didn't think anything of it since he still had one of his Sunday shirts on. I had given Edd a note with instructions on what Thomas should wear. Thomas' clothes were all nicely ironed and hanging in the closet with his Sunday bag.
Easy Peasy!! :)
Sunday morning, Andrew went into my room to get Thomas' clothes. He saw Thomas' blue shirt folded and laying on top of what looked like a normal laundry pile. Next to it were some brown bottoms. So he got Thomas dressed in this:
Success!! :)
All kids were dressed and ready for church on time!! :)
I was a happy Momma for sure! :)
After arriving home and being around the kids for a while, I realized there was something a little strange about the pants Thomas was wearing...the bottom of his pant leg looked like this:
Can you see it?
Here are the two pant legs of the brown pants together...

Pant leg on left is Thomas' pair of Sunday pants and pant leg on right belongs to a pair of capris the girls had grown out of! The capris have a slit in the hem!

After I'd been home for awhile, I was holding Thomas in my lap, I realized that his pant leg had a split in the hem!
We all had a good laugh when we realized the mix-up!! :)

The "laundry pile" Andrew got the clothes from was actually my pile of clothes that were getting too small that were on their way to the garage.

Andrew didn't know about the note I'd left saying that Thomas' Sunday clothes were hanging up in my closet. I was glad that Andrew was able to get Thomas ready!

What a good BIG BROTHER!!


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Patti said...

Thomas in his big sisters' capris! That's great! What a good big brother Andrew is. Sounds like our story of the orange juice just yesterday morning...."Scott, use the juice in the big freezer---the one in the fridge is for Tanner's party!" Guess which one he used to serve Tanner for his birthday breakfast?!