Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well, I finally have a free minute to post something! This week Thomas has been talking about when Aimee got "appohtized!" I guess it made a lasting impression on him. I think it's cute how he says baptized. Another cute word mix-up for the week: "Jason's Penney's." Last night, Aimee and I went to JC Penney's to get my Valentine's Day watch sized. So tonight at dinner, Aimee was talking about the cute clothes and dresses she saw at Jason's Penney's that she hoped I'd buy for her. She said that she thought I'd said Jason's Penney's instead of JC Penney's. Then she remembered Jason's Deli was where Jason's is from. Cute kids!

Updates on the rest of us: Edd is super busy at work again! He might, if ExxonMobil will let him, get to go to Japan for business. We'll see if that happens though, I'm not counting on it.

Anne is learning to share the computer again, which means it's back to late night computer sessions.

Bethany survived her region orchestra experience. She just turned in her course selection card for HIGH SCHOOL last week! Wow!!!

Andrew is loving the nice weather and plays football with the neighbor kids. He is also preparing for the TAKS test.

Aimee is a big helper at home, she likes to take care of Thomas! :) She is also enjoys occasional playdates and just started her Spring soccer season.

Mattie is sick right now, I think it's the flu. She was so sad to miss her first soccer game of the new season. Mattie is excited to ride her bike again! She had a bad fall last April and hasn't been on a bike until just a few weeks ago. She was at her friend's house and they were playing outside when I came to pick them up. I was surprised to see Mattie riding a bike!!! Peer pressure at it's best!!! :)

Thomas, or better known as "T REX," loves to play dinosaurs. He loves to watch all of Andrew's old dinosaur DVD's. He loves to look at all the dinosaur books he can find around the house. Dinosaur by day, but "just Thomas" by night. When he gets tired and is fussy, we ask him if he's T Rex and go through the list of creatures that he likes, he will answer, "NO!!!" When he's done, he will say he's "Just Thomas." With the new year, a new Thomas has who likes to attend Nursery!!! AMAZING!!! :)

I'm having some technical difficulties with my camera right now. So I don't have many great pictures from Valentine's Day, but I'll try and get something new posted! Until then I'll have to borrow a picture of Aimee from Edd. Hope he doesn't mind! :)

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Patti said...

What a beautiful Aimee! That's too funny about Thomas and his words. I'm glad you take the time to write it down. It will provide lots of laughs now and later.