Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Be careful, Momma! Don't crash!"

Sweet Thomas tried to keep us safe today. On the way home from swimming lessons, he said to me, "Be careful, Momma! Don't crash!" I told him that I was being careful. Unfortunately, seconds later we got hit by someone, who ran a red light. We are all OK, but the van got pretty banged up. I'm thankful that we were in our new van because we were quite protected. It was weird to hear the curtain airbags deploy! Edd left work and came to help us get home.

Once the kids got home, Thomas told them what had happened. Apparently, he didn't leave any details out of his story. Aimee told me later that Thomas had even told her about the airbags!

Tonight, Thomas was having a great "Thomas Moment!" He was singing at the top of his lungs in Aimee & Mattie's room. Aimee said he was singing them a lullaby! :) He was going around and around their room singing, "DINOSAUR BONES!" "DINOSAUR BONES!" over and over and over!

After he left their room, he found one of his dinosaurs from Grandma Cutler. It was on the floor in the boys' bedroom. Thomas was so excited! It was one of those dinosaurs that grows when you put it in water! So he ran to the bathroom and held it under the water waiting for it to, "bwow" (like blow except with a "w" sound for the "l"). He said something really cute and way to grown up for his age, but I can't remember it now. Probably because after that, he wrapped it in a blanket and headed off to Bethany's room with a pillow too!

He decided that he's going to sleep in Bethany's room again tonight, even though we put the air mattress away, which is where he's slept the last couple of nights. So I laid down next to him for a little bit to get him to settle down and that's where his cute sentence escaped my brain.

The picture of Thomas for the day was taken on Aimee's b-day, but he was wearing the same outfit today! He still had the shirt on when he was singing his dino song for the girls!

He's a sweet kid! I'm glad that we survived our day and that we are both OK! :)

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EGP said...

Glad you're safe, so sorry about your van.