Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The other day, while we were in the van waiting to pick up Bethany, Thursday the 13th, we got quite the surprise!
We were all doing whatever to entertain us while we waited for Bethany to get out of school and walk to the van. All of the sudden, Mattie came up from the back of the van saying something about needing to look into the mirror because she had something inbetween her teeth!
When I turned to look at her, WOW, what a surprise that something between her teeth, was a BIG HOLE!!! She was missing a tooth!!! Mattie couldn't believe it~she knew she was bleeding and had a kleenex/napkin in her mouth.
She looked in the mirror and was so excited!!! This was her first lost tooth!!! The funny thing is that she had 5 barely, wiggly teeth, but none of them were close to coming out!!!
Being the good mom that I am, I asked her what happened. Mattie then told me that she was trying to open a small white container (my bike first aid kit) and couldn't do it. So she tried to open it with her teeth! That's when her tooth popped out! We looked in the first aid kit and all over the van for her little tooth, but never found it.
Luckily, the Tooth Fairy was on the ball and Mattie woke up with a big surprise under her pillow Friday morning! Mattie was so excited to see Tooth Fairy money, without a tooth or a note!!!


Chris and T... said...

Way to go Mattie! That is awesome!

Patti said...

Oh, so sweet! What a wild way to lose a tooth. Mattie literally lost it, too! We'll see the space next week.

amber said...

Hi Anne!
This is fun--catching up in the blogging world! It's great to see all five of your beautiful children playing and laughing and GROWING. I can't believe how big they all are! We have such fun memories of B as a toddler and I think it'd be funner than ever before to get all of our boys together. I sure enjoyed your back to school, hurricane and teeth posts. Keep them coming! So glad we've reconnected. You can also email me at amberjoyce@comcast.net as well as our blog bringingup5boys.blogspot.com.
Merry christmas.