Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Our Halloween celebration started on Wed, the 29th. We went to a carnival put on at the church. I had a sewing marathon earlier that day to get Thomas' costume put together. Unfortunately, Thomas fell asleep on the way to the church. So no one really saw how cute he looked. Edd held him while I took the other kids around. When we got home, we put Thomas on the bed and that's where he stayed until morning! Guess he was tired!!!

Bethany had her own sewing marathon. She was making an Alice in Wonderland costume for herself. We finished it Thurs night. Bethany also carved her pumpkin Thurs night. Bethany's friend, Amanda, had invited Bethany to come over on Friday after school to help set up for the Halloween party they were having with all of their friends.

Friday morning, Thomas and I went over to the elementary school to watch the costume parade for K-2nd grade. The kids were really cute! Thomas was excited to see Aimee and Mattie!

After the kids got home from school, we carved the other pumpkins. Then we got ready for trick or treating! Andrew went with our neighbor, Parker, and his friends. Aimee stayed with Edd to hand out candy. Aimee has decided that handing out candy is more fun that trick or treating for candy. I took Mattie and Thomas around the neighborhood. Mattie and Thomas loved trick or treating! After each street we'd finish, I asked if they were ready to go home. Finally after four streets, they were finally ready to call it quits!!

Andrew ended up with the most candy. He weighed it today. He had 3 pounds! He probably had close to four, but has been eating it and sharing it since he got home Friday night. Bethany came home with 2 pounds. She said she left the half she didn't like at Amanda's.

Now, we are counting down till Christmas!!! Can't wait!!!

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Melissa said...

Ahhh...Thomas did look really cute.