Friday, October 24, 2008

Following my brother's footsteps

Thomas is at that very fun, but very impressionable stage in life. He adores his big brother and copies nearly everything Andrew does. Thomas has a nack for picking out the funny phrases from the conversation that go on here at home. He especially likes to copy what Andrew says! If it is a funny phrase, then when Thomas repeats it, he will laugh afterwards, which makes it even more funny!!!

A few times, lately, Thomas has gotten himself stuck! Andrew would get himself stuck quite often when he was around Thomas' age. Luckily, Thomas hasn't gotten very stuck, YET!!!

Thomas looks a lot like Andrew when he was 2! The other day, Thomas and I were looking at Aimee's scrapbook from when she was a baby. On one page, Thomas pointed to Andrew in a pictue and said, "That's me!" I told him that it was Andrew. (This isn't the picture, I don't remember which one it was, but this is how Andrew looked back then! circa 10.01)

Thomas 10.08

Thomas' new love is dinosaurs! He loves to watch Disney's "DINOSAUR" movie and can be found playing "carnator"! Just this morning, Thomas came stomping through the kitchen, with his hands in dino position, growling, "carnator, carnator, carnator!" Thomas loves playing with Andrew's old dinosaurs and loves for me to read about them too! The other day, Thomas insisted that he wear his dino shaped camo pj's all day long!!! Yesterday, he'd only wear his t-rex shirt, until it got dirty, the the pteradon shirt was the only other one he'd wear.

Yesterday, we had a great adventure to the bayou. Andrew was home from school, he wasn't feeling well and had a slight fever, but he wanted to come on walk with us. We'd planned to feed the turtles. Plans changed, I'd forgotten that it had rained the night before and it was MUDDY!!! Well, my boys are mud magnets!!! They had a blast playing in the mud!!! (So it's been a few days since I started this! We went to the bayou on Thurs. Thomas has so much fun that Friday morning he wanted to go back!!!

It is so much fun to watch these two boys of mine enjoy each other so much! Andrew is such a good big brother!!! When Andrew's friends are over, they let Thomas join in. Andrew will play with Thomas and is very patient with him. The other day, Thomas was in 7th Heaven because Andrew built him a BIG ZOO!!! Now, this is one of Thomas' all time favorite things to do, but loves it more when Andrew will help him make a zoo!

Thomas loves animals! His favorites are hippos, rhinos, cows, elephants and now carnators! Everywhere we go, he has to bring some of his animals along! He will usually pack up my diaper bag, or my "little diaper bag" (my purse) with some of his favorites. Other times, I'll have him pack up his backpack with his animals, which he did this Saturday when we went to the soccer games! This is a picture of Thomas playing with the carnator which he found in our big bucket of dinosaurs. He was so excited when he found it!!! I'd forgotten that we had a carnator. We got it in a Happy Meal, way back when the movie came out, how long ago was that???

Every time we are at the soccer fields, Thomas wants to take a walk to the bridge where we look for "agagors" (alligators)! Occasionally there will be a few lurking in the water, but they look like sticks! One day there were two out in the water, but I thought they were just a couple of sticks poking out. The next time I was at the soccer fields, crossing the bridge, I looked to see if the "sticks" were still there and they were gone. So I'm guessing it really was two alligators. It kindof looked like the nostrils and eyes poking up! I would've just thought it was sticks, but I've seen too many Croc Hunter episodes with Andrew. (For those who are wondering about this, there have been alligators documented in the water by the soccer fields!)

Both Thomas and Andrew are very sweet boys and are such a joy to our family! I'm glad that I've got my boys!!! :)

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