Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Sweet Sound of Silence

FINALLY!!! At 6:50, Monday, September 22nd, we got power again!!! Just an hour and twenty six minutes shy of being 10 days without power.

We were so excited to hear the beep from our alarm as the lights came on, like someone had flipped the switch, YEAH!!! AIR CONDITIONING!!!

What was even better though, was the silence we heard. No more generators roaring outside. There was an occasional rumble as an airplane flew over, but that is a welcome sound that all is well, at least in the weather department!

It was so weird the day the hurricane was coming, I went outside and it was eerily quiet because there were no airplanes flying and there didn't seem to be any people outside either.

I was so glad to have power again so I could dry the two loads of laundry I'd washed using the generator we were borrowing. I was so glad not to need it anymore because it was so loud!!! I had scattered the laundry around so it would dry, but it was so humid that it wasn't drying very quickly.

We are so glad to be getting things back to normal! Edd went back to office yesterday. The kids go back to school on Thursday.

Hopefully all the mosquitos will dye soon. They are SO BAD!!! You can see them flyig all around and they get into the house too! Poor Edd got a mosquito bite on his forehead after he got home! Bethany got 2 bites while she played the piano. So we are on partrol in the house too. Hopefully the mosquitos won't feast on us tonight!

Life is such an adventure!

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Melissa said...

Yay!! I am glad you have your electric power back.