Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Looking Back

Now that we've been in school for a couple of weeks, settling into the routine of things again, I asked the kids what their favorite things about summer were. They all said the beach!!! We had a blast and it was a great way to end the summer!

We had a good summer and now that it's over, it sure seemed short! Aimee didn't think that it was long enough! She wasn't sure she was ready to go back to school yet, but she's enjoying school now!

Here are some of the high lights of the summer:


Mom getting her foot prepped for suture removal!

Mom's x-ray with pin!

After Dr. Dave Jensen got the stitches removed, we went over to his house to play with his kids, Ashton and Savannah! Yeah!!! Andrew and Ashton were best buddies before the Jensens moved to The Woodlands. Savannah is Aimee & Mattie's friend. Dave's wife, Deanna, invited us over for lunch and a swim so the kids could all get together again. We had Cheney, one of our "extra daughters" for the day for Bethany to play with! Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed watching the kids play and relaxing by the pool. The kids had so much fun they didn't want to go home! They played and played all afternoon!

Before Grandma and Grandpa Cutler when back home to Salt Lake City, we took Grandpa to the zoo with us while Grandma was getting her eye checked. We had a great time at the zoo and loved seeing the baby giraffe and the baby elephant!

Summer projects, friends & FUN!

This is a big board that Bethany worked on! It has chalk board, white board, cork board and the other sections are magnatized. When we started the big board was just a big piece of plywood. Bethany painted/glued the different mediums on. I put the ribbon trim and the quarter round on for her. We had a good time working on it. After we finished that, I sanded and refinished an old desk for Andrew's room.

This is a picture of Mattie, Madison Richards, and Aimee. Madison Richards and Aimee are best friends. Madison and her family used to live on the street next to us. Madison and Aimee were in the same kindergarten class too! Unfortunately, Madison and her family had to move to BOSTON last summer. But they came to visit their Texas friends for a few days, which was really fun!!!

One Saturday morning, we got a phone call from our friend, Ray, who invited us to go boating with him for the day! Cheney was spending the night at our house so she got to come along too! When I asked Mattie what she liked the most about the summer, this was one of her favorite activities!!! The kids loved tubing and Edd and Bethany did some wakeboarding. Andrew got to drive the boat with some help from Ray. The girls were out on tube while Andrew was driving and didn't like all the bumps they had to go over! Thomas was excited about getting to ride on the boat, but as soon as we started moving, he was so scared!!! Thomas fell asleep for awhile. Edd did get him out on the tube at the very end and Thomas seemed to enjoy it! It was a fun day!

Thomas and the kids enjoyed playing with our little blow up pool. One day Aimee and Thomas washed the van for me too!

Here are the 3 mermaids! Mattie, Aimee, and Cierra Sanders. We had a BBQ at the Sanders' one weekend. Our friends, the Bratsmans, had just returned from working overseas for a few years. All the teenagers had fun hanging out together! (Bethany, Shantel S., Chris B., Mickelle S., Sam B., and Andrew B.) Before the Bratsmans left, we all went to church together. It was good to hear stories of what it's like to live in the Netherlands.

Look! NO HANDS!!! When we were at Crystal Beach, the wind was blowing so hard!!! Aimee was able to hold her boogie board without using her hands!!! Andrew and Aimee had fun trying to fill their shirts up while we rode the ferry to Galveston Island! Edd tried to go running along the beach, but didn't get far. He said the wind was pushing him along. When he turned around to come back, he said it was like running up hill because the wind was blowing so hard!

Right after we got home from the beach, Andrew and I flew to Utah for my brother's wedding. My brother, Frank and his cute wife, Lily, got married on August 15th. It was fun to see everyone again! It was beautiful weather too! So everyone is married except for Carlynne, but she caught the bouquet, so maybe Carlynne will be next??? We are excited to have Lily and Abinadi join the family! They are so fun!

(L-R: Carlynne, Theo-Mom's "Sunday Son"/Chris' friend, Tim & Carolee Peck, Abinadi-Lily's son, Lily & Frank, Mom & Dad, Andrew, me, Tarina & Chris Cutler)

This pretty much sums up our summer fun!

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