Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Beach House

For our BiG summer activity, we rented a beach house at Crystal Beach for a few days in August! Aimee was super excited about going and that is about all she talked about for weeks before we left. She even was all packed two weeks before we left! Thomas picked up on her excitement and started talking about "going to beach house!"

When we finally got to the beach house, Thomas got mad because he wanted to "go to beach house!!!!" We quickly caught on that he was talking about going to the beach!!! We got to the beach as soon as we could!

Thomas loved driving his big yellow truck all around the beach! He'd drive it over mounds of sand, he'd drip wet sand onto it, he filled it with sand, he'd drive it into the surf and wiped out a few times with it too! Thomas and the big yellow truck had a great week at the beach!

Meanwhile, everyone else had their own adventures trying to catch waves with the boogie boards, hunting for seashell, burying eachother to make "mermaids," jumping waves, and best of all...collecting hermit crabs!!! We collected more than 100 of them!!!

Our second day at the beach was SUPER WINDY!!! So we went back to the beach house, got cleaned up and ventured into Galveston. We ended up walking through a beautiful white church and then took a tour of "Bishop's Palace," which is a really old house on the island. It was built before and withstood the hurricane of 1900, which destroyed much of Galveston.

After our tour, we met up with Edd's little sister, Paula, and Edd's brother, Eldon and his wife Stephanie and their cute baby girl, Sophie! We all rode the ferry back to Crystal Beach together. During our ride back, we got to see some dolphins as we rode back! Mattie and Aimee spent the ride getting acquainted with Sophie!

The next day, Melissa Z (married to Edd's brother Dan) and her two boys, George and Ben, joined us! All the cousins had a great time playing on the beach together!!! Edd got some great pictures of all the action!

We all had a great time! It was the perfect way to end the summer!!!

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Cindy said...

That sounds like a ton of fun!!! Happy to find you again! :)