Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trips to Texas

This spring we've had quite a few trips to Texas!

The first weekend of February we went to Houston to see Cousin George (Dan & Melissa's oldest) get baptized!  The kids had so much fun playing together!!
Henry and Thomas running together at the park.
It was so fun to see all of Dan's boys again!  They have 5 now!
Here are the youngest 3...
Jack :)
Henry :)
Sam :) 
Sometimes I could get away with holding Jack because I have curly hair like his momma!  Henry and I played for a little while, then it was my turn to play with Sam!  :)

 We played at the park for a little while, then headed over to George and Ben's school for some Ultimate Frisbee and more play equipment!  :)
Who can get to the frisbee first?  Ben (Dan's 2nd oldest) gave our kids a run for their money!!  :)
Edd's brother Eldon and his family also came to play!  :)  Here is Eldon's youngest, Ellie, pushing Jack in his stroller!
Ellie and Jack :)
Of course it wouldn't be a Prince get together without a little competition!!  :)
At the school, I think the boys were trying to touch the backboard... 
Can Dan do it? 
Did Eldon touch it?  
While we were at the park, Andrew and Eldon tried to jump the fence...

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We had a great time!

Here is a picture of George that I borrowed from his mom.  I ended up not getting a picture of George this weekend...I guess he was moving way to fast for the camera!!  :)
George, Henry, Dan, Ben, Sam, Melissa & Jack

This trip was to Austin.  Another weekend with family...but this was a sad weekend.  Edd's grandma, Pauline Neergaard Goodwin,
passed away after 99 wonderful years!

Grandma Goodwin was such a sweet grandma!!  :)
She was a wonderful example to us all in many ways.
Even though Grandma Goodwin wasn't very tall, she was a spiritual GIANT!
Grandma Goodwin work hard even till the very end to learn as much as she could about the gospel.  :)

I loved all the sweet notes she would send in the mail for birthdays and such and the fun Christmas presents she always prepared for us!  :)

After the funeral, we had a different Grandma celebration...we celebrated Grandma Leah!  Leah had spent many years making sure that Grandma Goodwin was well taken care of and sometimes wouldn't be able to do all the grandma things she wanted to do.  So we gave her a little surprise party with some fun things that she could use for herself and with her grandkids!

Even Grandpa got some trains from Thomas!  :)

One of Grandpa's brothers, Uncle Warren and his wife Emmie came for a visit...
!  :)

Here are some of Grandma's new toys being enjoyed...
Charlotte loved playing with the Barbies!!  
Jackie found something fun too!!  :)
It was fun seeing John and Melissa again and getting to know their little Elizabeth better!  :)

Of course we had to have some family competition...

It is great to spend time with family!!  :)

TRIPS #3, #4, #5, #6...
As of February 8th, it was official that we were moving back to TEXAS!
We made a bunch of trips back and forth between Houston and Madisonville...
the last trip to TEXAS was driven May 30th!  :)


Melissa said...

These pictures are really fun Anne! :)

Leah Prince said...

I am so glad you are closer. Now if we can just figure out some of this family history.