Monday, April 29, 2013

Madisonville Jr High vs Pitcher Jr High

The new year brought a new soccer season!  Andrew made the team again this year!  This was one of the only games I got pictures of.  We had a few games in the rain.  But this day, we had beautiful soccer weather!!  :)

We played Pitcher Jr High, which usually has a really good team!

Andrew got to play a lot of this game, which was really fun to watch.  Both teams had some good plays!!

Andrew had a few opportunities to steal the ball away, like in these next few pictures!!

Half time huddle.

Looking down field, waiting for the action!

Getting ready to HEAD the ball!!  

#5 on Pitcher's team is Eldon Hendricks, who goes to church with us!

Andrew looks super tall in his soccer uniform!!  

Finally, some action down field!

Let's go Eagles!!

Eldon and Andrew chasing after the ball!

Is that Andrew on the ground?  Did Eldon get the best of him???

Andrew & Eldon back at it again!
Looks like Andrew's about the HEAD the ball again!!
Eldon and Andrew sharing a more friendly moment together.  :)

Heading back to the sideline.

I don't remember the score, but it was a good game.  Andrew said we won the game!  :)

Our Madisonville Jr High Eagles fought a good fight all season long.  Andrew enjoyed playing soccer with them again.  :)
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Melissa said...

Soccer is the best game ever! :) Looks like it was a great season!