Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am so glad that I finally had a chance to sit down and finish my last post!!! :)

Life here at our house has been busy!

We are all enjoying a new year! I'm hoping to get some unfinished things done this year!! I have now checked off 3 things from the list! :)

1. Finish the baby blankets for Kate and Eliza...CHECK!!!
Mattie, Aimee and I had grand plans to make Kate and Eliza these cute blankets for when they were born...well, things happened...mostly like a BIG MOVE...and well, Kate is turning 2 in it took us a little while! Mattie and Aimee helped me pick the fabric out way back when. I had all the pieces pinned together, but the project got put on hold when we had to move to Louisiana.

Aimee helped me with the sewing once we finally got going on the project again!! :)
Here is Aimee watching Eliza open her blanket.
Eliza likes it!!! On the back of the duck blanket is pink silky fabric...picked out by Aimee!

Here is Kate inspecting her heart blanket...with the blue sparkly fabric...picked out by Mattie.
Each of the girls got both the duck and the heart blankets! Kate has a hold of both of hers! :)
2. Finish reading "The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy...CHECK!!!

This was a book that I was supposed to read my Senior year in HS for my English class. I couldn't quite finish the book by the deadline, I was really close to being my teacher, Mrs Baskin, made me a deal...IF I PROMISED TO FINISH THE BOOK, SHE'D MARK ME DOWN THAT I HAD DONE IT!

This is a picture of Mrs Baskin from my yearbook and the note she wrote to me! :)

I promised Mrs Baskin that I would finish the book. Over the years, I've tried to complete that promise. I don't remember how many times I started the book, more than a few. For years it has been sitting on the bookshelf as a constant reminder of that promise!!!

Around Thanksgiving, I decided that I was tired of that book "hanging over my head" so I pulled it off the shelf and started reading. As I read the first few pages, yellow with age,I was surpised to see how yellow the pages had become. I was a little surprised to find my old book mark still in the old physics flash card...some formula that I've forgotten! :)

Near the end of the book, I found a long lost fortune slip...

Good advice! :)

I finally read the book from cover to cover!!! And I actually liked it!! Is that a sign that I'm getting old??? (Don't answer that!!!)
I was so glad when I finally finished "The Return of the Native!" I've been done for about a week now and I'm still so excited that I actually finally finished!!! YEAH!!!!!! :)

3. Finish my blog entry "F is for..." that I started months ago...CHECK!!! :)

My Sundays have become a lot busier lately now that Edd is bishop. We end up having people over for dinner a couple Sundays a month. Sometimes with advance notice and sometimes with not so advanced notice. :)

My weekday free time has been spent reading "The Return of the Native!" Now that my book is finished, I can sneak in some computer time!! :)
Each morning, I try to remember that each day is a gift! This year I want to try live each day to the fullest! When we have beautiful mornings like this, it helps me be motivated to get moving even though I'm usually still super tired!


Melissa said...

Anne, your January sounded like mine! We did 5 dinners this week and last week :) I don't know why it has been so crazy busy but we're almost done! Maybe it is the curse of the birthdays :) I have always wanted to read that book but I have already made my way through a lot of Hardy's books and I am not sure I am ready for another one. Tess nearly killed me and I have avoided Jude the Obscure on purpose trying to not get too depressed :)

Patti said...

Anne! I have also made a promise to a professor at BYU....I think I still have a few pages to go. It's funny, I'd start over and over, etc., and so Scott said to tear out pages that I've read and throw them away (this was a syllabus, not a book ;) I totally understand!

Leah Prince said...

Wow! Anne you have been busy. Good work!!