Thursday, November 25, 2010

F is for...


Thomas loves playing with his frog and toad friends! They are his little buddies! As the weather cooled off the toads went off to hibernate, but we still have a few frogs sticking around the house! :) Don't they realize it's "cold" outside???
Every morning while we waited for the school buses to come, our driveway became a HUGE chalk board for Thomas! We had amazing chalk scenes! This is one of my favorite. Thomas had copied our trees and was working on a rainbow with clouds. We also had numerous jungle scenes, the North Pole with the Polar Express, oceans, anything that Thomas could imagine! When it rained, it all got washed away and we started again. After Thomas started pre-school, the chalk was put more lazy mornings to just draw.
One Saturday morning, in the beginning of September, after my bike ride, I decided to work in the garden before it got too hot. Unfortunately, my time was cut short by me, unknowingly, standing in a fire ant hill!!! I jumped out of the flower bed, onto the driveway, and kicked my shoes and socks off as fast as I could...TOO LATE!!! Those fiesty fire ants got me really bad, at least on one ankle...23 bites on my right ankle and only 3 on my left. NOT FUN!! :(
Too many fire ant bites = trip to doctor! By Monday, my ankles were really swollen and the bites were getting infected...not good...dumb fire ants!!! After some medicine, I was on the mend. :)
Bethany was so excited to finally get her braces off!!! :) She got them off near the end of August. Don't those teeth look nice!! :)

Thomas, on the other hand, had this freaked out look! One of the things at the top of his "to-do" list once the kids went back to school was to go to the zoo and see the dinosaurs!!! Well, the last time we went to see the dinosaurs, he was super freaked and wouldn't let go of my hand.
This time, Thomas was still freaked out, but was brave enough to walk without holding my hand, most of the time! He was a little nervous that this baby T-rex would get him though because there wasn't a fence by him. :)
We finally were able to meet ELIZA!!!
My sister, Carolee, and her husband, Tim, came with their daughter, Eliza, to visit us for Labor Day!! :) They live in Jacksonville, FL! We all had fun playing with Eliza and getting to know her! We also got to celebrate Eliza's FIRST birthday with her, a few days early!! :)
Edd was able to take his girls to one of the Saints' pre-season games!!! They were all super excited!!!!
Edd took the girls to Victory Square before the game started! The football game was pretty exciting too! They all had a great time!! :)

As I drove back across the lake, after dropping the girls off, I realized that the clouds looked more like Autumn clouds...they were long and stretched out instead of the big, fluffy clouds I was used to seeing. I was a little sad to see Summer slipping away. I wasn't quite ready for FALL~

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Cindy said...

Wow!! It feels so good to get things done doesn't it!!! I loved reading about your success. I especially love that you finished the book from high school!! Thanks for sharing!!