Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pot of Gold

Last Friday, I think it was, we were blessed with a big rainstorm and this beautiful double rainbow afterward!

Of course there isn't a pot of gold in our garage or anywhere in the house...would be nice though! :)

Instead, our treasures like to wear BLACK and GOLD!

Ever since the big win over the Vikings, people everywhere you go are buzzing with excitement for the BIG GAME tomorrow!
Everyone has "Who Dat" fever! It has been so fun being down here for all of this!
Of course we became Saints fans early in the season! They are an amazing team!
Throughout the season we've been accumulating our own Saints gear.
Along with my team apparel, I now have a Saints sticker and a Saints license plate cover on my van!
Needless to say, we are pretty excited that the Saints are playing in the Super Bowl!!!

The kids have been enjoying the celebration at school too! The kids have been listening to Saints songs at school. The last few days they've been listening all day long! Aimee made this Saints picture in class this week!

The kids have been able to wear their Saints clothes a few times to school too! They usually have to wear uniforms everyday!
We made predictions last weekend during family council for the final score of the Super Bowl. I didn't write any of them down, but the majority of the family thinks the Saints will win!
Bethany's theory is that the Saints are the underdogs and the Colts will be a little too sure of themselves. So the Colts will be playing down on the Saints and won't be playing their best because the Colts won't think they need to to beat the Saints. BUT the SAINTS will playing their HARDEST and will WANT to WIN so they will pull through in the end and WIN!!!
My prediction is that it will be a close game, but the Saints will pull ahead and win 31-28!


Melissa said...

Hope they win...I like the rainbow!!

Kathleen Jackson said...

Love the family pic in all the get up. You guys look great. Hope you all are doing well.

Leah Prince said...

Well, if you have to go to LA, its nice to be the winners. Loved the rainbow and the cute pic of Annie!!