Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Just Flew By!!! :)

Happy Ground Hog Day!!!


I can't believe it's February already!! January just flew by, maybe because we had so much fun!!! :)

Here are some of the fun things we've been up to:

January 12th ~ Andrew's birthday!

He is 11 now!

W0W hE Is GeTTinG BIG!!!

Andrew is a delight to have in our family! He is a good helper and quite the tease! :)

Now that Andrew is getting older, he likes to stay up a little later...sometimes he's trying to finish his homework, other times he's just trying to read a good book.

Every once in a while, he gets dragged to bed "early" because Thomas wants Andrew to come with him! :)

His little brother is his BIGGEST fan! They do plenty of fun things together! A lot of the time they like to just be goofy together! :)

They are so much a like in many ways~they even were caught sleeping the same way!!!

January 16th ~ Anne's birthday!
My birthday fell on a weekend, YEAH!!!

Friday night, Edd and I went out to eat. Saturday, Bethany and I went shopping at the mall. While I was gone, Edd & Aimee baked me a cake for my family party!
Wow, am I really this old???

My kids like to tell me that I am OLD!!!

You are only as old as you feel, RIGHT!?! :)

January 18th~Martin Luther Day
We went to the zoo! Since Thomas was the most excited to be there, he dictated where we'd go next!

We had a fun zoo day! We saw plenty of animals and got to ride the carousel too!!

Some of our favorite animals were:

Anne~I like the rhinos

Edd~he had the most fun taking pictures of the orangutans!

Bethay~missing in action...home doing a project~the joys of high school!

Andrew~the camel

Aimee~the zebras & the baby orangutan

Mattie~the white tigers

Thomas~the "Loup Garou" (he also liked the big white tiger!)
100th day of school!!!
Mattie had to take a collection of 100 items...she chose 100 stickers! She arranged them on a posterboard in groups of ten.

It looked great when it was done! I just forgot to take a picture of it before she took it to school. (old age setting in???)

100th day had to be pushed back one day because of our freeze day...so it was on January 21st, according to Mattie! :)

January 27th~Aimee's birthday!
Aimee turned 9!

This is her last year to be a single digit!

Aimee is a sweet girl and fun to have in our family! :)

Aimee is quite a big helper, especially with Thomas! Aimee loves living here in Madisonville, she espcially loves eating King Cake!

Occasionally, Aimee will hang out with us after the younger kids go to bed. She still enjoys going to bed early though! :)

We are excited for the weekend to come! It will be a fun one! We are looking forward to watching our first Mardi Gras parade and hope the Saints can win on Sunday!!!


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