Thursday, November 12, 2009

picture of the day

Some people like to post their picture of the day. Thomas is a little different! He likes to print a picture each day! This is the one he chose today. It only took 15 minutes and 14 google pages of hippo pictures to find this one! (RECORD TIME!!!)

Every morning after the kids leave, when I sit down at the computer to check email, Thomas runs over! He climbs up onto the desk as he asks, "Can you print me a __________?"
Once all the pictures come, Thomas carefully looks at the thumbnails of each picture. If he likes one, he says, "Make that one big!" He then inspects the BIG picture to see if it meets his critera for the day. If it doesn't, he'll say, "Nah, not that one!" and we move on. Finally, we find the lucky picture and I hear, "Print that one!"

But we're not done there, we have to copy it, paste it into word and make it as big as we can before we can print!

Usually I have to print dinosaurs, but occasionally we look at Thomas' other favorites! The trickiest thing I've had to look up is a "fire T rex!" But, I quickly learned the "fire T rex" is one of the characters from Andrew's DS game, "FOSSIL FIGHTERS!" It took me a couple of days to figure this out though.

This activity is a good nap guide: sometimes I'll doze (not on purpose) while Thomas is inspecting each of the thumbnails. When Thomas is ready to look at the next page he'll say, "OK, go to the next one!" If he has to tell me 2-3 times before I react, I know I'm tired.

The other day, I was sooo tired, that I didn't react at all!!! Then I heard Thomas say, "WAKE UP, MOMMA!!!" But I couldn't respond until he'd said it a few times!!! I should've gone right then to take a nap!!!

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Patti said...

This is too funny! I love the part about your nap guide. I'm like that when it comes to reading books sometimes. Oh, it can really hit hard---I'm with you, Anne!