Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oak Alley

Tuesday, Edd and I took Aimee and Mattie to go see "Oak Alley" one of the neat plantation houses along the Mississippi River!

In the front of Oak Alley are Virginia Live Oak trees that were planted in the 1700's! The trees are amazing!!!

We learned some interesting things on the tour, like back in the 1800's the men were only about 5'4'' so the table and chairs were quite a bit lower to the ground! We saw a working "shoe fly" and learned what it was used for! When the boys turned 15, they had to move out of the family house, but they lived in their own little house on the family's property.

"Oak Alley" was a sugarcane plantation. Cotton doesn't grow in our area, the climate is too wet!!!! Sugarcane is a tropical crop and does well where we live! You see it growing everywhere...looks a lot like corn growing. It's nice to know something besides mosquitoes like the humid climate where we live! :)


Melissa said... I think I actually might have heard about this plantation house. I think this is the same house Ace of Cakes made for a wedding cake for this architecture guy. I should go check the website to see if it is the same place ;) Yes, I know...strange connection.

Leah Prince said...

I think we may have visited this one. So much fun.