Sunday, August 16, 2009

We survived our first week of school!

Our summer was short lived...2 months after we got out for summer, it was time to start again. Of course none of us were quite ready, but at least Aimee & Mattie were excited about it!

The day after we got back from our Utah vacation, July 28th, it was time to register the kids for school. A few days later, it was time to meet the teachers!

Tues ~ August a 4th, Bethany went to her orientation, with Sue, a foreign exchange student from Spain, who lives across the street with her aunt. Bethany is officially a "SKIPPER" at Mandeville High School now! When Bethany got home from orientation, she was afraid that she was going to get lost trying to get to class the first day!

Wed ~ August 5th, the kids and I went to meet Andrew's teachers. He's got 2 this year, his homeroom teacher is Mrs Peschlow and his math & science teacher is Mrs Rutledge. Andrew was glad that his rooms were down the first hallway! Andrew is an "EAGLE" at Madisonville Jr High now!

Thursday ~ August 6th, Aimee and Mattie and I went to check out Madisonville Elementary. Bethany was watching the boys for me! YEAH! :) Their mascot is the MINNOW!

Mattie's teacher is Mrs Hanagriff! She is a very nice teacher!

Madisonville Elementary is made up of about 6 different building areas! Mattie's building is in one corner and Aimee's is across the a brand new portable room. As we walked over to Aimee's room, we ended up joining 3 other kids and they all ended up sitting at the same table with Aimee! Aimee's teacher is Mrs Dronet. She is super nice!

August 7th ~ The 1st Day of School!

After being able to sleep in all summer long, our first day of school started super early! This is Bethany's freshman year of high school and first year of seminary!!!

She was out the door on her way by 5:45. Aimee, Mattie & Andrew were up at 6!

Edd was able to say good-bye to Bethany when she left for seminary, then he was on his way to work. He usually leaves around 6am each day.

Edd had just gotten back the night before from a business trip to Mexico City. So he missed some of the back to school jitters, but we filled him in as well as we could!

A few minutes after 6, Andrew, Aimee, & Mattie all emerged from their rooms all dressed in their school uniforms. Andrew was not happy at all. He is very particular about the clothes he likes to wear and uniforms are not included!!! But he did smile for me! :)

Aimee and Mattie were both nervous and excited for their first day!

Aimee requested eggs and bacon for breakfast so we had a yummy breakfast!

We had just a few minutes to get some pictures...

When it was time to go out to meet the bus, Thomas came along. He couldn't understand why he couldn't go on the bus. He kept insisting that he was big enough!!!

The nice thing about our new neighborhood is that the bus comes right to our driveway! Aimee & Mattie leave first. Their bus comes at 7am! Mattie was so excited to go, that I barely got a picture before she was all the way on the bus!

After the girls left, Andrew & Thomas goofed off on the driveway until Andrew's bus came. We were supposed to be out waiting at 7:15, but Andrew's bus didn't show up until almost 7:40! Once the first day wrinkles were smoothed out, his bus comes at 7:25.

After the kids leave, Thomas and I usually take Missy for a walk around the neighborhood, if we don't have to rush off to do something. Sometimes we see the Bishop's wife walking. They live in the neighborhood across Brewster Road from ours. Her neighborhood only has 3 houses. Ours has a big loop that is about a mile long so she comes over her to walk.

When all the kids got home, Bethany informed us of what she learned at school! "If you live in a neighborhood that is close by you are close neighbors!" So the Bishop's family are almost next door neighbors! The have a daughter, Amber, who is a year older than Bethany.

Bethany and Amber do a lot together! We take turns driving each week to Seminary, they ride the bus home from school together, and spend almost every afternoon together! Sometimes, Amber will come over and Bethany will run around the neighborhood together. When they get done, the hop into toe pool to cool off.

I'm glad that Bethany has found someone to hang out with. B also does stuff with Sue, the foreign exchange student from Spain who lives across the street from us. Last night, it's August 20th now, Bethany & Amber invited Sue to go to YW with them! They played water softball and Sue had a really good time!

The rest of the kids have made a few friend and are adjusting finally to school! The all have a long bus ride home from school. Bethany gets home first at about 3:17, then Aimee & Mattie at around 3:35. Andrew gets home a little after 4pm. Sometimes, Mattie says that she falls asleep on her ride home! I think their bus ride is the longest, about an hour long. Edd went to Open House for Mattie Tues night and reported that they had over 400 card in the car line that day...they've got a lot of kids! They are encouraging folks to let the kids take the bus!!!

Thomas and I are adjusting too. Thomas misses the kids and wants me to play with him all day long! I miss the kids too! Well, we've almost got two weeks of school under our is starting to feel normal again, can't wait for FRIDAY!!! :)
For those who want to see my post about our vacation, it is under the post about Thomas or can be found on the right hand side. :)

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Patti said...

Oh my goodness, Anne, the kids looks so good in their uniforms. Bethany is gorgeous, naturally. I bet Thomas misses them like crazy, but he'll adjust. Thanks for posting all the photos. I'll be needing to do this next week. We meet the teachers tonight at the Elementary School. Exciting!!!!